Best low cost CE


What are the best low cost (5 cost) CE to use or you use?


Jeweled Sword of Zelretch or Dragons Meridian, if I’m getting into trouble costwise. Battle of Camlan I use sporadically, and all others are very situational,


My usual party setup have Mashu and 2 berserkers as sub-members (except events), and I often equip Parted Sea to the latter zerker in the lineup. It provides one-time evasion. (I use CE with starting NP with the first zerker)


parting seas
dragon midran
battle of camelann


Dragon’s Meridian. 50% NP charge is great for farming teams, especially on Arash if you know he doesn’t need help hitting the damage benchmark.

Camlann is good for taunters/solo runs.

I actually have an MLB La Siesta that I throw on Mash or Jeanne if I’m running out of space. Passive 2% charge and 2 crit stars is really good for a 3* CE.

Something like Seeker of Miracles is a good Heaven’s Feel/Black Grail sub.

Ryudoji Temple is good too. I don’t have an MLB Halloween Princess so this is a good sub.


Heroic Portrait.

Always farming Bond Points for that extra SQ.


Heroic Portraits are all 4*, I think, so cost 9. Hmm, all the Heroic Portraits I have are for XP anyways. I guess I wan’t around for the bond point ones, though I can’t say I really care about bond points myself.


Dragon’s Meridian would be the one I use the most. Other good ones are

“Budget Talk on the Hot Sands”


FYI, the NA names for those last two above are Sorcery Ore (Magic Crystal), and All Three Together (All Three Forms), if you go looking for them in-game or on this site.