Best Nurse Appreciation Thread

So as I was scrolling through my servants today, I noticed Nightingale and started to reminisce about the past. Personally, Nightingale is my number 1 most underrated servant. She was my first SSR servant, and she carried my dumb ass through all of the early singularities. Before I had her, I was running a main team of Marie/Cu/Mash, and her effectiveness in battle just completely blew me away. Her anti humanoid trait is super useful early on, and her heal and buster support opens up a large number of compositions. In addition to that, her noble phantasm is fantastic, especially post upgrade. All in all, I was just reminded of what a fantastic servant she is and how she drastically improved my quality of life in the game. I was able to make dumb beginner mistakes because she was always there to see me through. Thank you Nightingale, and although you may have fallen out of my main rotation, I still appreciate you


The best nurse, yes!

I have her, too. She came on Merlin’s first banner.
Tbh, I was kinda disappointed at first, bc I was an avid believer of gamepress tier list that time, and she was at 5th among 5*s back then.
Maaan, I ate all my words! I was dumbstruck of how great of a servant she is (I’m not gonna repeat her utility as you’ve already mentioned that).

Right now, all my gold fous goes to her. Her 17+k hp is such a charm to look at :fgo_umu:

Edit: still deciding if I should grail her, though (haven’t grailed any 5*s)

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We definitely needed this. As far as servants go I have particular respect for Nightingale. She was one of those real champions of history I think.

Reading about her is really amazing. How she reduced the patient death rate from ~40% to ~2% during the Crimean War, was a pioneer of better medical practice in hospitals and of hygiene infographics in general. Apparently she even had written much on religion and mysticism too.

History aside, in game she’s amazing as well. Her NP OC effect is life-saving (as is befitting of Nightingale) on an enemy NP turn. Her targetable heal is amazing and works stupendously with servants like MHXA and her Buster up has been a great skill predating Merlin’s. (It has the advantage of a cool down of 5 as opposed to Merlin’s 6) And of course her Understanding of the Human Body skill is an astonishing skills enhacingher ATK and making her a very bulky berserker.

Edit: I managed to summon her about a month ago so I’ve been experimenting with her recently.

Also, we need some fan art in here.

@the_wyandotte it’s your time to shine


I was collecting a bit of fan art, but I’ll leave it to Doctor Bird. :+1:

I haven’t used her much but I do remember her being a core component in that long Kiara battle.
Useful skills and NP.

I really should experiment more with different team compositions, especially as I like Ecchan but I’m waiting for Nightingale’s update.
I’m also interested in testing her as an offensive servant.
There are videos where she was used as a crit monster with buff stacking and it worked pretty well with her Humanoid niche.

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I can’t appreciate what I don’t have but ii can share art, yeah, for sure. I’ll be back with it.


I’d watch a show where Nightingale is part of a police unit as the medical examiner.

Just her looking classy

But she can do sexy too

BC they can genderbend both ways

She knows the value of exercise

She dresses for the season

And even if she doesn’t view herself as an angel, we do.



I’m not entirely sure how your love-hate relationship works, okay?






I’m popping in to share some art for Birb and Roy :fgo_meltbirb:

this one is NSFW


Nice, but the one in the woods w/her traveling outfit, the one with her relaxing with some coffee, and the Christmas one (I don’t have nearly enough of her Christmas alt) are :ok_hand: prime


Only one woman can save us from Covid-19



I really liked the woods one too

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Oh let me see if I have anymore of it

shout out to @Fish when I made this edit


I know this is a nightingale appreciation thread but Jeanne looks so good in this picture.


Alright, so I’m just going to say this flat out, no trick or trea-

Imizu(Nitro Unknown) drew that one, didn’t they? I really love their art style