Best Pair up hero for +4 to all stats?

My best one right now is a Ninja Shamir (+10 /+atk /+spd) with Fury.
I can easily get the +4 atk +4 spd bur she has not enough Def/res for (only +3 on those)

Any Hero i am unaware of that can buff his stats to the max? (F2P please).


This was discussed a bit in another thread (Does Pair Up Actually Do Anything? - #3 by Dragginz) but generally armored stat balls are the best candidates, with W-Manuela being the most accessible one

OG M-Corrin can also work if you have Fury 4, refine his Yato, and give him his +Res superboon, summoner support, and a heck ton of Dragonflowers (the linked thread shows that Summoner Support counts for Pair Up stat calcs)


I built the suggested Manuela a few weeks back. It’s definitely worth it makes the paired up unit feel like a monster in sd.


It is cool.

However i am not sure if it is worth the orb investment for a mere +1 def / 1+ res.

That’s fair. If you wait long enough power creep will add more easier to obtain units that can do it so there’s no harm in holding off.