Best Pega-Pony Princess

DISCLAIMER: The following build has not truly been completed - it has only +5 in Dragonflowers instead of the requisite +15. The OP hopes that you can find it your heart to forgive this transgression.

I’ve had a +10 Cynthia for a while now, but always found her base kit underwhelming. I particularly don’t like Firesweep Lance, because I end up in a lot of Enemy Phase combat.

So I tried swapping out her base kit for one that stacks Solo bonuses. Now I can have her charge straight at the enemy, kind of like the hero she aspires to be.

I’m hoping she gets a refine for dual-phase combat. I also have a Thea, and Icy Maltet shows that the right weapon could make Cynthia even better than she is now.

Thanks for stopping by - feel free to reply with your own suggested builds!


Nice to see Cynthia in use as I really liked her in Awakening. Never built her in Heroes as there’s so many flying lances and she has a very jack-of-all-trades statline. Hopefully she’ll get a great prf in November as I like her enough to want to build her even with the stat distribution.


You are forgiven for the DF…

but not for the lack of ultra premium fodder!

Just kidding, for a “medium budget” build not too shabby, she obviously serves you well so kudos!


As my favorite child, I’m happy to see people giving love to Cynthia.
I wanted to built her too, but she’s really far behind in utility and costs grails. Maybe when an excellent refine pops-up.


Funnily enough, I do have a leftover Fallen Lilith from the last banner.

I’ve considered feeding her to Cynthia, but two things are stopping me:

  • I only have one copy, and I don’t know if another unit can make better use of Spd Smoke 4
  • I’d want to give Cynthia both Dive Bomb 3 and Spd Smoke 4, which I can’t do without some Spd Smoke fodder from elsewhere

There’s also the non-zero probability that her refine won’t work with anything in her current build, and that I’ll need to start from scratch.

I personally like “jack-of-all-trades” statlines, but I can see where you’re coming from. The sad truth is that I have a lot of units with similar or better stats, and it gets hard to justify using her without a unique weapon.

That said, though, I remember her pretty fondly from Awakening. Cynthia was fun to use then, is still fun to use now, and seems like she’d have tons of fun beating up bad guys.

Sometimes I don’t want to abuse overpowered units - sometimes I just want to mess around with characters I like.


For a very long time, I considered this build my best unit:

FEH’s age and my inexperience are showing pretty hard in this picture. Masked Marth was outclassed then, and my build wasn’t really helping. But I still enjoyed using her, just because I liked seeing her in Tempest Trials.

All this is to say that, if you like Cynthia that much, then go ahead and build her. It’s okay if you don’t have everything you want - the fodder you want and the fodder you have usually don’t overlap. Improvise with whatever you have on hand, even if you think it kind of sucks (like mine did). If nothing else, you’ll get to look back on your build in the future and have a good laugh at the dumb ideas you had (again, like I did).

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Nice Cynthia :clap: She’s one of those units I would love to build, but find myself thinking about newer gen units (Marcia basically replacing her for me :pensive:). Still have my 5 star copy of her though ready for whenever she gets refined at least


Hoping Cynthia gets a nice refine.

Wanted to build her a few years back but I just don’t often use flyers that aren’t my refreshers, especially non-prf ones.
but if its nice I’ll do her justice.
Firesweep base gives some hope.

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Spd Smoke 3 is on Chad. Being he’s fairly common if you summon colorless you can still give her that without worry. No worries hanging onto that ultra premium fodder until your sure (as in this case when she gets her new power treatment).

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