Best pick for golden fous : Muramasa or Summer Kiara?

I can’t decide because i like both and already have NP2 lv100 both of them.
So… gameplay wise, wich one should be the best investment for both Farm and Challenge Quests?
(I have Castoria and mlb BG)

Kiara Summer’s damage potential is higher than his but he is somewhat easier to use.

They both have similar looping requirements for Castoria but he has an edge on a bigger battery unconditionally.

I say it comes down to who you have at a higher NP level/like more, but i give Kiara the edge just because the only class she is bad against is really uncommon.



The fact that Kiara does good neutral damage and can farm any and every node (except the verrrry few ones with rulers) should be reason enough to invest into her.
But if you like Muramasa more, as a character then why not ? Probably would take a few more years but yeah more arts loopers definitely help