Best place to farm this?

So I got a Hessian Lobo recently and got him up to level 70 the only thing I’m missing is a Primordial Lanugo. I’ve completed all the free quests areas that the wiki says to go in Babylonia and LB2) but I want to know which specific area has the best chance to drop them and what the drop chance is.

It’s a gold mat, the drop rate will be bad. Blood fort in Babylonia is technically the best, but it’s better to choose your gold mat node based on the secondary drops available since you will get more of those anyway. Seeds, rings and steel are all options in the top 3 laguno nodes


Wow I was expecting LB2 which is why I finally decided to get back to it. OK I’ll keep this open but if everyone agrees you’ll get the solution checkmark

Well blood fort has two monsters that drop laguno which definitely helps swing things in its favor. But it’s only a 8 apd difference between the ring and steel lb2 nodes, which isn’t that big of a difference in the gold mat realm, which is why picking based on secondary mats to combine farming is highly advisable


I agree with Mysty.

This is the node I use because I seem to always need the stupid poison stingers.

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Unrelated to the original post but is this node superior to farming at Field of Reeds? Or are you just using the node you linked due to it dropping Laguno’s too?

I ask due to being in sever Needle Hell and have been getting unlucky lately at Field of Reeds.

I rotate between Field of Reeds, Site of Demonic Beast Front, Northern Wall in Babylonia. Anecdotally that seems to get the drops moving again.

Abandoned Village in Lostbelt 1 for bullets and stingers.