Best possible team

Hello folks, I had a bit of luck over the PST week or so and this translated to buying a few of the banner packs that are out, this then translated to a well beefed out character list but honestly spend more time trying to work out who to place and where to have them rather than playing because I just don’t feel like I’m using them as best I could be, any advice?

Well done! Idk how much you spent but you got really lucky.

I think your best option would be a future team with:
(Yellow) Rage trunks
(Blue) Super saiyan Blue vegito
(Green) Super saiyan Blue vegeta
(Purple) Fusion Zamasu

And then anyone who buffs future as bench but I recommend zenkai awakening (Yellow) Goku black for the zenkai buffs to trunks.

You could also make a pretty good fusions with:
(Blue) Super saiyan Blue vegito
(Green) Super saiyan 2 kefla
(Purple) fusion Zamasu
(Red) transforming gotenks
(Purple) Super vegito

And (Red) free to play vegito if you have him 14 star, otherwise (Blue) transforming gogeta.

I do think future is your best option although try to get (Red) Goku black Rose because you currently do not have a viable red. That being said you won’t really want to use him with all the (Blue) Super saiyan Blue vegitos around because he won’t be very effective.

Anyway hope this helped, good luck :)