Best Rin-face's Christmas Event Recruitment Thread

It’s that time of the year again everyone!

That’s right! It’s time for yet another massive grindfest, munching on a ton of Apples all the while. Oh, and preparing for Christmas too of course. :upside_down_face:

With only 9 days to farm this lottery, no doubt everyone will be hunting down the best options from the Support List to maximize their gains while minimizing farming time as possible. Nobody likes refreshing the list dozens of times to get that one specific friend after all, so why not gather more friends to make things easier? :grin:

This event also features some of the most difficult farming nodes to 3-turn, or even to just clear in a timely manner. To help with that, we have @jakeyb’s spreadsheet which provides plenty of team compositions to either copy as is or to draw ideas from if you are lacking the right Servants and/or CEs. The spreadsheet can be found HERE for those who have yet to see the thread.

And lastly, here’s an image showing this event’s CEs and Bonus Servants and which currency they provide a bonus to. Pair up the right ones for maximum FP gain leading up to the final node where only the Merry Sheep CE matters.

Here are the rules for this thread for newcomers an for those who need a refresher.

  1. Please place a screenshot of your support list

  2. Share your code and how many spots you have available

  3. Please recommend posts with particularly good Support lists, MLB CEs are ideal!

  4. Please let people know if you’ve sent them a request (via the @ feature) and let them know your IGN so they know which requests to accept.






High-low :catwave:




I’mma just leave this here (stolen from reddit) that shows recommended CE placement for this event.

And then probable Servants/Support setup to start (may change some bonus servants like Jaguar—>Jailter depending on what nodes have opened up). And will place gacha/event CEs as I obtain them.

FC ********* w/30 spots open (don’t be upset if I remove you after the event please, I normally try to keep my list clear for reasons)

Edit: Despite having Santa Alter (+drop bonus) I’ll probably be leaving in Drake for the +50% charge; Raikou might very well get swapped for a 10/10/10 NP2 MHXA (for SAlter killing, I’ll see how it goes); Assassin (might) get a MHX instead as well.


Would you remove me if i added you :sob:

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Slam that Cancel button once the event is over.

For reals though, I’ve kept @LeiCiel on there for a while now, so you’ve got a shot at staying on post-event if you wanted to.


Gimme a sec
Will go delete someone xD


Need a wild whale who plan to MLB all the CE this christmas and all upcoming events

FC: 479,420,916
2 slots open


Okay bird
Invite sent
Ign same as here
Won’t have many event ce sadly since i don’t target eresh
Will throw a 10roll tho
Glad to have u

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Wait, I have to change support lists again.



I change mine like twice a week xD
Sees a good martha fanart :
Inserts martha back to the support lol

I love events because most of the time, I don’t know whether or not to put in “good” Servants (like Merlin w/Lunchtime; Raikou w/MLB KScope) or “loved” Servants (grailed Nursery Rhyme; grailed Ibaraki).

Events are simple- who has drop bonus/easiest farming and then we go.

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you’re right here
i change all my supports aside from raikou and her beautiful superscope

but yeah events make it easier to prepare a supportlist
or else i put full aoe for deadweeks
and random servants when…i feel like it…like now xD

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Well shizzz…! Looks like I have to change my Support Set Up again… Argh! How tedious. But alas, oh well…

…It can’t be helped. Especially with only a select “number” of CE/Servant slots recommended for event CE allocation…

But thanks for the above screenshot @The_Wyandotte

IGN: Rance-Sama
FC: 187,681,598
w/S: 5/75
“…Always willing to.make more room…”
Support Set Up:

Still “work in progress” and will continue to be updated as the event progresses depending on node requirements…

Best Rin-face recruitment thread? So it’s a recruitment thread only for people with Ishtar? :thinking:

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Will probably look like some variation of this throughout the event. I’ll swap the MLB Kscope around as needed.

For Gate 7…which CE do people want to see on Gilgamesh?


827,887,769 is my ID. I have Merlin, but still lack QP and materials. Also, the list will change over time for the event.

ID: 696 686 812
IGN: Kuri
3 slots available

Not likely to roll for Eresh, so only the Sheep CE should be getting added. Waver and Gil will be prioritized for them. Will be working on Ishtar’s skills until the Sand node drops.

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