Best seal for F!Edelgard?

Any ideas on a good seal for her? Mine is neutral.

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Mystic Boost is a good one, letting her heal 13 HP after every battle

Any Solo seal that doesn’t increase Spd is great, too, since Armored Stride and her transformation requirements mean that she wants to remain solo

If you’re using her with a dragon armor, Armor March works too


I agree Mystic boost works like a charm


Oi. Use them sub-categories.



Don’t people do the Heavy Blade + Galeforce thing?
She has base 58 Atk, 9 from the A slot, debuffs the enemy by 6… so she procs against anything below 73 Atk

Edit: nevermind, her prf B slot accelerates her special proc

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Armored Wall gives her a Special Fighter effect so unless you ditch it, Heavy Blade is useless

In most cases you will want to keep Armored Wall. There are a few niche uses for other B slots (like WoM + Heavy Blade + Galeforce) but most of the time Armored Wall is just too good to get rid of


Oh I see. Thanks for the explanation

Mystic Boost and Atk/Def solo are great on her, I’m hoping we get the atk/res or def/res solo seal for this next TT!

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I tried galeforce WoM HB seal with mine for her to fly to her beacon, but there are many good units these days with good defenses. It isn’t like the old days where you can smash up 18 defense units like Ophelia, L Azura, etc.

But, if you do find a team like that, she would be phenomenal if you got a good WoM beacon for Edelbeast.

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On WoM, yes. But then HB4 is in order, so death blow for that build, and probably for all player phase builds. That or atk bond, because it’s active when warping on WoM and someone else might want the death blow seal.


I alter between Mystic Boost & Atk/Def solo (or something similar, as long as it’s not Spd/XYZ) for legendary battles and other world domination purposes. Since my friends hate me, I must have done okay with her :3

Shit has like 4 separate OP effects, what could compare



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This was 8 months ago dude :feh_hecstare:


This popped out and I’m on mobile lol sorry I really didn’t notice the date caption.

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