Best servants to use against baratos

Raid is coming and I only have 1 friend with sanzang fully max lvl on skills and np but because RNG SUCKS and his sanzang might not appear so I’m looking for alternative but my st caster medea isn’t that strong with that damage modifier on her np even with np5 black Grail combination( F*** you dw for making her like that).
So pls give ideas on what to use on the upcoming raid. I’m thinking about nito since she has that really good death chance but maybe it’s bad to rely on it since I’m fighting a boss here or my herc but I’ll take a long fight (maybe a few turns but not that long) but I still want to save time so pls recommend me some team comps that can handle this raid pls I’m begging you I need qp’s and those drop materials.

You should probably check this first:

And asking there or here:

would be more helpful as well.


Nito definitely is not worth it. If the ID chance isn’t 0 by default, it’s well well well under 1% and is not worth relying on.

If you don’t mind going a few turns, Herc can be a good choice - bring a couple taunters so they die off quickly and then Buster chain away.

Other prime choices include a Luvia (because of her damage bonus), Mecha Eli-Chan if you’ve got her, Melt or Circe, but Sanzang is pretty much the only reliable 1T kill.

There’s a lot more detail in the dedicated raid prep thread, but this isn’t a raid that’s friendly to new players or F2Ps sadly. You may just have to settle for 2 or 3 turns.


Yeah I think I can settle with 3 turn fight since we do 3- turn farm most of the time.

I forgot there are threads like this cuz of my busy life :fgo_gilgalaugh:

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