Best setup for Serena

I was wondering what would be the best build for Serena, right now I’m using a MUB Prometheus, Levin’s Champion and Resounding Rendition but I just got an extra Cerb and right now she’s at 2UB, so I’m starting to think maybe I should try to MUB her with stones in the future if it’s better, so what would be more effective for, say, HMS? Prometheus + RR and LC or Cerberus + something else and FoG? All this for Serena with MUB 5* Levatein .

Generally Cerberus would be better than Prometheus in most content once you’re uesd to the bossess attacks and everything. If you aren’t really confident you can or you know you can’t survive HMS without the extra wind resistance, than keep using Prometheus. But if you have had enough practice, eventually switching to a MUB Cerb in the future. However, Prometheus is perfectly viable and no changes are needed. I would rather concentrate on MUB a 5* dragon for another element than trying to MUB Cerb unless you already have usable dragons on other elements.

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I was going to say “don’t you need Glorious Tempest?”, but after checking the calculators you totally don’t ^^ Guess I’ve been playing too many ranged characters

As sergiolink said, MUB Prometheus is more than enough for HMS or any other fire adventurer content that is currently out. MUB Cerb with FoG and another print will probably do more damage (I haven’t simmed it) but I agree you would better off saving your stone for dragons for other elements.

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