Best Shared Skills for Unlock?

Guys which are the best Shared skills for unlock?

Gamepress has a listing for the best options on their page here:

Also a reddit post that has some insight on what skills work best as Shared Skills here:

Personally? I vouch for debuff and support skills. DPS and Healing skills have reduced mods for their damage and healing (not to mention increased charge time) so it’s better to just grab a skill that does something supportive and to consider Skill Damage/Healing icing on the cake.

Can personally vouch that Patia + H!Lowen is an amazing combo for Doublebuff/Pipple shenanigans. It’s not even all that expensive to unlock, either. Just make sure you at least get Sparrow’s Guard to like Lv4 to make sure it buffs well.

Sha Wujing has a Def debuff zone that works well for Raids since it’s a more applicable Str buff for coop partners.

Once they change the endlag for it, Lily’s is a great ranged skill to consider (it even applies Frostbite!), though if you need alternatives, Althemia has a solid one that applies Poison, but Ranzal and Euden already have more than welcome skills for Poison/Buff Removal and Burn.

If you absolutely cannot get any other ideas, consider grabbing element-exclusive strength buffs (Emma, Gala Elisanne, Noelle, Chitose) to replace Elisanne’s.

If you want a good resource of shared skills, Gamepedia has a good list of them with adjusted SP Costs and mods

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