Best smartphones to use when playing FGO

So I’m in a situation where I need to purchase a new smartphone, mostly because my current one is very much dying. I’ve been working with a Samsung S7 for more than 2 years now, and when I first started using it for FGO as well, the game’s performance has been mostly doable, and yet underwhelming at the same time. Anyway, now I’m interested in finding a phone better suited for FGO’ overall.

So I would like to get some feedback on which smartphone models work better for your own FGO experience nowadays, or mobile gaming experience in general. This way I can get a better idea on which choice I should make for my next smartphone brand and version. I’m sure some players stick with PC or Pads, but I still want to know which seems better for phone play in this topic.

I’m using Huawei Mate 20 and FGOs running smoothly.

There is already an ongoing discussion on this topic.

Probably go with a Samsung s10 or s10 plus since you have been a Samsung user.
Price has come down alot since it’s last gen.

Second option is the new iphone se which just came out which blows all the Android phones out of the water at a rather cheap price.
Small screen and battery though.

It all depends on your budget really.

I heard midrange phone like Samsung a71 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro can run this game pretty well.

As for flagship devices, I heard some complains FGO not running well on IPhone XR. Most Android flagships can run fgo perfectly tho.

I would personally recommend Oneplus 7T (the device I’m using rn) since I have no issues running the game, it’s a flagship device with a pretty good processor and 90hz screen and also having discounts since Oneplus 8 is already released.

In addition to what others have said, if FGO is your priority, it’s worth looking into iPhones - but only up to the iPhone 8. Newer iPhones have hardware-level compatibility issues with FGO’s outdated version of Unity Engine on NA, causing the game to lag like shit despite the more than sufficient hardware to run it perfectly smoothly.

We’re likely looking at a September 2021 release for the engine update on NA, if we follow JP - and following JP is likely in this case since an engine update is a huge undertaking, and the version pipeline of updates to FGO are likely to make it either impossible or an unreasonable amount of work to push it early to NA. Until said engine update, iPhones load the game magnitudes faster than Android does (we’re talking 70-90% faster load times here), which is a considerable convenience imo.

That said, if FGO isn’t your only priority, getting a recent Android device is obviously the better choice, as buying an iPhone 8 in 2020 seems like a pretty bad investment, unless you intend to upgrade again in less than 2 years. If you don’t mind the longer load times until the engine update lands, the game should run smoothly on any recent at least mid tier Android phone.

Personally I’m using a Honor View 20 (Kirin 980 SoC) and the game is essentially lag-free save for very few graphically intense NP animations (Columbus is the only example I can think of; even Gil’s NP which is notorious for lag runs smoothly on this phone), and a small stutter when plugsuiting servants.

If you want more specific recommendations, you’d need to tell us your budget range first. But as I said, as long as it’s a fairly recent phone, even mid tier phones should run the game super smoothly, so there’s no need to go for high-end if you wanna save some money.

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Seeing as how a lot of players are having a good experience from the Huawei product, I wouldn’t mind testing it out for myself. Right now though I’m hearing this one is having troubles working with Android services, and I’ve recently subscribed to a new VPN service that may not be as compatible with it should Honor View abandon the services entirely. Being now that having good security is an important premeasure for me, I’d feel safer settling for something as high as the Samsung S10 Note+, which I think would work out for me very well, especially after one of my co-workers let me sample theirs with high recommendation. If that’s going to be my course of action when shopping though, I’m best off purchasing a refurbished model for budget reasons.

Just to mention, we’re getting the engine update for the game. So good phone choices may change as well.

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That is what I (normally) use, and yeah, it runs the game almost flawlessly. The now-announced June engine update will drastically fix load times, which is the only real chokepoint playing the game and not the phone’s fault.

Plus the phone in general is an absolute unit in regards to just about everything.

This aged poorly


I think since the engine update is happening this soon most of the phones mentioned here are gonna run the game flawlessly that engine update is needed badly like really really badly.

I’m thinking going for xiaomi redmi note 8 it’s got 6 gigs of ram and pretty nice cpu.

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This is one of the best things to age poorly ever.

And yeah, the engine update will make the game run well on even mid tier phones from 2016. Rejoice, budget kings.

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More it aged rapidly than poorly.

i use redmi note 8 pro and it takes around 25 seconds to start a battle and the game runs smoothly. I´ve seen that with the engine update it will take around 9/10 seconds to start a battle so it will be a big improvement.

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Good so i’m not gonna miss out if I buy that phone.
Can that phone screen record like the rest of the xiaomi ones?

i’ve never done it but i’ve found this

Yikes. I was planning on buying a Huawei P20 next month.
Sooo… No good idea?

I’ve seen videos of fgo running on a Huawei P30 with a performance similar to redmi note 8 pro, so i think that the performance would be worse in P20 . Considering the issues between huawei and android, i think that redmi note 8 pro is a better option. Besides, i think that redmi note 8 pro is cheaper.

Yeah, my understanding is that the US is against Huawei/China, so Google pulled their access to Play Services…you can probably download the FGO .apk just like you would if you didn’t have actual access to it in your country, but I’m not sure if you could buy SQ?

At the same time, my brother-in-law lives in the US and has a Huawei phone, so maybe they just can’t use Google on the newer models?

But why would it be different with the xiaomi redmi? That’s from China as well, right? Why just going against Huawei??

If you’re asking if the US government makes sense, the answer is it doesn’t.

It has to do with 5G technology, fears that the Chinese government is using Huawei to put in spying software, and then subsidizing them so they can charge less than the competition and corner the market.

But I think they’re also saying Huawei dealt with Iran, which breaks sanctions, and yada yada yada and it could be a way to shore up US companies like Apple or Qualcomm by denying their competition, and just in general its a mess.


Yeah I hear xiaomi phones can record internal audio while other phones can’t only way they can record sound is through microphone.