Best Spook Summons in the history of your Fate game

Title is pretty self explanatory

For me it has to be the SEIBA I pulled the other day while Yolo’ing with a summon ticket

What’s yours


very recently i got NP 2 waver rolling for hokusai. i have her at NP 3 so getting a second waver was pretty rad, especially since i had him almost ever since i started. I’m fairly sure i got him np1 in orleans or septem.

beyond that, not very many spooks really.

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Chiron spook while rolling for Dantes.

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Hmm… Tough call… Maybe Helena who spooked a month after a sr ticket when I didn’t pick her by a hair… Or all six of my Lancelot’s, evenly split between saber and zerker…


I got spooked by Jack rolling for Consort Yu. :rofl:



Either Drake or Sanzang :fgo_sanzangpoint:

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Yeah it was utterly hilarious.

I think I was nearly crying laughing.

my first waver. everybody’s first waver is everybody’s best spook. you can’t prove me otherwise.


My first Waver was on rate up. :rofl:



Lancelot spooking his way to np5 (both versions) is definitely up there as well as nyalter comming 3 times herself. All 3 have just been godsends. One of which is on her way to 100. Funny how a spook sometimes becomes your favorite.

Special bonus to anastasia for comming with skadi, a servant i didn’t know i needed in my life but man I wouldn’t trade her for the world.



He came to me while rolling for Kiara 1 multi before her, and he has been doing a lot of work for me in the past 2 years.

He came again on Gilfest of all banners and, with his upcoming NP upgrade, cemented his place as my strongest Nuker.

A close second would be Arjuna not because of utility, but because he saved me from salt. I got a Kintoki Dupe and was really salty, so i threw a 10 roll and a new 5 star Archer appeared to help me cope with it.

My NP4 Parvati


The majority of my SRs have been spooks, I think. I’m not sure which one I’d consider the best…Tomoe, Penth, and two copies each of Parvati and CasGil are the first ones that come to mind, whether for character, gameplay, or both.

I’ve had three SSR spooks so far: Vlad, Tamamo, and Orion. Tamamo is unquestionably the most useful and I’m glad to have her now, but given that she came and shoved her golden Caster card in my face during my last desperation rolls on one of Waver’s banners, it’s hard for me to wholeheartedly call her the best. :joy:

I got spooked by Waver while rolling on…looks it up the Halloween revival event in 2019.

This one is easy: Parvati NP2 (two copies) while rolling for Gil during Gilfest.

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I would say my np2 artoria , I don’t remember on which banners she spooked me but her being my favorite servant as well as a godlike farmer is all that matters.

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I have 3 Sanzang spooks now. Currently the highest np level ssr that I have.


If I didn’t pull Seiba the other day my Schez would be my best spook

Osakabehime, not because I was happy about it. No, quite the opposite. However, it is no exaggeration to claim she saved me potentially thousands of quartz. So now I love her. She grew on me.