Best SSR attacking servants at NP1

So, we often have discussions about servant 1 vs. servant 2. Which is great, but one thing that often comes up is the NP level you have for that servant, and how that impacts the comparison. However, many players are F2P, and may only be able to try for an NP 1 of a particular servant due to limited quartz.

So, I am interested to hear what others think. What are the best SSR attackers at NP1? (Could be either AOE or ST).

Isn’t the answer here?


Consider Servants who have trait damage in their kits, depending on how easy it is to capitalize on it and how you personally would use them.

Even shorter answer: Arjuna Alter will do stupidly easy high damage at NP1 when we get him. If you can debuff it, you can smack it hard.


I think gilgamesh still hits pretty hard at np1
I just have him at that. I know he’s better at np2 but even np1 the dude hits like a truck…about the only thing I’m aware of that can nuke the 2nd wave of the great knight medal farming node and leave nothing standing. Factor in his anti servant trait he can jump on the bully saber boss train and dish out good ST damage.

Og seiba also fairly strong aoe just np1. If she counts. I think she deserves a mention. Not the strongest but still her damage is really good at np1.

ST haven’t had many opportunities to compare her np1 vs higher but especially against female jack pretty much does ridiculous damage .

Medb also…just sick her on a male…couple thousand hundred damage no problem


Yeah, I did think of him.

Btw, do you have Kiara? I don’t, but I know you have a lot of servants, so if you (or anyone else) has used her, what are your thoughts on her at NP1?

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NP2 is a lot less necessary for ST Servants in general, and as always it’s mostly for people who min clear. Of course it’s handy for cases like Archuria’s healing skill but that kind of skill’s importance is overstated imo. It’s mostly AOEs that are worth gunning for NP2 for F2Ps. In AOE CQs you generally don’t want to barely miss breaking a bar out of 3 enemies and having to deal with gimmicks being dumped on you and no longer under your control, it tends to get messy. That’s part of why blitzing is so valued in AOE ToD meta. /end semi-relevant tangent

Having established that ST Servants suffer less from NP1, the AOE Servants that perform the best at NP1 are those with absurd damage output like Gil and Arjuna Alter. Gil has better loopability and AA’s cards hit for severe damage.

Someone like Ereshkigal OTOH is a lot less impressive at NP1. She appreciates the NP levels a lot.


I have Kiara, but at NP5. NP1 would be a little tough to use for medium or higher benchmarks, but her eventual NP strengthening will help with that.

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I broadly agree, NP2 feels a lot more worthwhile on AoE units, especially those with CQ oriented kits and extra classes.

Which somewhat amuses me as the opposite is probably true for SRs, where NP1 ST generally suck where AoE isn’t quite so bad.


Hmm do you have examples in mind ?

We do have no shortage of amazing ST NP5 welfares so I guess it would make their regular ST SR NP1 competition pale more in comparison :fgo_seibathink:

Frankly if you’re f2p or only spend a little, just focus on getting all the good supports and borrow ST servants from a friend. For example, if you have Waver and Skadi, borrowing an NP5 Scathach or Okita would likely give you better performance than having NP1 of your own, while borrowing a Skadi.

Don’t worry too much about developing your ST lineup, you’ll eventually get there from a combination of spooks, welfares, or high NP low rarity units. If you care about sq investment return the first thing you should develop is your support lineup. After that you can aim for farming units (AoE NP) like Dantes, Zerkerlot, and later on Space Ishtar and Zerker Musashi.

If I have to pick one SSR servant that’d perform exceptionally well at NP1 for a new player, I’d choose Cu Alter though. My friend’s Cu Alter (with my Mash and Hans) carried my ass from Fuyuki to Solomon in 2-3 weeks or so. I started a couple of weeks before the first Merlin banner dropped and I made it to the Solomon tentacle raids (except Barbatos who was barba-toast within hours or so).

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For SSR ST servants generally I think Hijikata hits absurdly hard even at NP1, though only if you can make use of his low hp buffs. He’s fun to enable though. I don’t have my own Merlin, but using my own Waver and support Merlin, with Hijikata being the core dps is insanely fun.

He doesn’t get much attention though because the idea of relying on low hp buffs is inherently risky and super rng if you’re going for specific benchmarks/ min turns.


The first servant that came to my mind is Cu Alter. His NP is a big source of dmg for him but a good majority of his gameplay is him constantly pulling out Buster brave chains. You could say the same for most Zerks really but I guess this is more so prominent with him due to his skill set focusing more on his survival over burst.


this is pretty much exactly what i just did. started 5 weeks ago, didn’t do much for a couple weeks, found out about the santera rerun a bit late, proceeded to rush through to solomon like a madman. at first i tried to do it without op friend supports, but 1/3rd through camelot i had to give up on that goal. i had a few ssrs (scathach, jack, saber artoria) to help a bit. late in camelot though, certain fights were more or less impossible without blowing sq to revive unless i used very specific friend supports - cu alter was always the go-to guy.

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I heard Enkidu after rank up

And I guess anyone who crits


Another way to use Hijikata is to use guts ce (with atk+ stats) and Cheng Gong when he comes out. It’s a really good combo but not reliable for longer fights since Hijikata will most likely die in 2 or 3 turns after you proc that guts and do some turns of massive dps.

@9001Bunnies if I’m not mistaken, after her np upgrade (which is about 1 and a half year from now), Musashi has the hardest hitting np on neutral enemies according to the np damage comparison list that I’ve read a while back.

My weird addition to this convo:

Superhuman Orion.


Ozy, Scathach, QSH, Cu alter and Sherlock.

IMO Anyone with battery is good even at NP1. You can fix their damage problem with BG. The best example would be Sanzang vs Illya. Sanzang can freely use BG and Merlin+F2P buster support while Illya needs double Waver to use BG.

Put Kintoki with mlb max level HNS/Golden sumo/Aerial Dive, you can expect a good amount of damage turn 1 without any external help

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How much do Kintoki hit at NP1? Chased my soul out and trying to learn more as I looks into how servants performs at NP1.