Best suport Parvati

what is the best support for Parvati in these options?

Chiron (30% quick, 50% crit strength), Osaka (50% star drop, 30% quick) or Elizabeth (40% atk up for women).

I want to use it in these cases only for normal missions, some bosses and not for farming

obs: I have my own skadi

I’d say borrow a Skadi and use your own Skadi.

A swapped out Chiron to up the amp.


Liz has def down as well. Does Osakabehime have anything else? Crit stars seem like a waste on Parvati.

If you trying to crit something down, then Chiron.


Osakabehime also has a modest targetable NP charge, and because Parvati charges team NP by 10% whenever she uses her own NP, Osakabehime’s signature issue of requiring her face cards to be prioritized in order to cast her NP regularly is at least slightly mitigated.


Outside of a friend’s Skadi?

If you just want a bigger damage range Elizabeth will give her 60% more attack power between Sadistic Charisma and Torture Technique.

Chiron works best if you can’t Double Skadi, like in the Gilfest Exhibition Quests, because he offers the same buff types as Skadi (Quick + Crit up) for the same duration but in a shorter cooldown.

Hime… Don’t. She is fun and all but before her Morph buff she needs her NP to give Parvati anything worthwhile and costs more to field than either Chiron or Liz.

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