Best support for Gil?

So I’d like to ask what is best support for Gilgamesh, I own Merlin alerdy so double merlin is not an issue, but I have no copy of waver so if Waver would be better I can do a Waver Gil Merlin!?
Beside Waver, Okaweeb and Bride I think I have most of top tier support servants but I’m not sure what works best with King of Heroes, most of them are not really leveled and I want to invest everything to make Gil shine at his maximum power.

Merlin, Waver, Bride, Shakespeare, Mozart for crit burst turns (especially if you have NPXA). Typical people. A team of Gil/Waver/Merlin is perfectly fine.

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what better support than a best friend?


Well he has a self charge skill and so anyone with a 20% charge should work


Waver + Gil + Merlin can bring Gil from 0% NP gauge to 100%.

So that’s pretty ideal.

Otherwise, double Merlin.

You could run him with Sherlock or CasGil if you’re not using Waver for some reason. Gil loves the crit damage boost from Sherlock. He loves the stargen + charisma stacking + arts up (stacks multiplicatively with his Golden Rule) that CasGil provides.

Like Gil + CasGil + Merlin is a pretty sturdy team for boss rush CQs.

I honestly think Waver + Merlin is the ideal combination. While Double Merlin certainly isn’t bad, the added improved in terms of NP gain with Waver as well as the critical damage buff (which Gilgamesh could seriously use) is immense. In my experience, this is the better strategy, but either can work.

Oh? Plausible comp for me then. Got both Waver and Merlin. Gil’s still soft hitting though as the interludes are still locked by the bond levels. Is this comp also the best one for Gramps Hassan? Got him after my itchy fingers poked thet roll button.

I… actually haven’t tried that with Hassan. I’m sure it would be, because in my experience, Hassan is fairly compatible with crits and can reach nutty damage numbers. Mostly, though, I’ve just gone double Merlin.

I don’t think there’s any situation where a Buster servant wouldn’t value from both Double Merlin and Merlin + Waver though, so it’s likely going to come down to personal preference unless said servant already has a crit damage boost, then maybe Double Merlin is preferred.

Discerning Eye is just an excellent skill.

I see. Will try then after I fully ascend Gramps.