Best Support/Res Tank Blue Cavs

So…I have a debuff-oriented horse emblem team in mind, with 3 of 4 allies already decided on: Gunnthrá (+Spd), Hríd (currently neutral, aiming for +Atk or +Def in the future) and B!Veronica (+Atk). I am looking to fill the final roster position with a blue cav hero, preferably one that compliments the others in a more supportive/res tank role to go with the existing green ranged magic nuke (Gunnthrá), mixed phase omnirange physical duelist (Hríd) and colorless staff/supportive healer (B!Veronica).

This cav should be great at tanking magic hits from and at least moderately damaging mages and dragons, offer a support skill or two to help allies (Cav buff, etc) and would make good use of Distant Ward + a Sabotage skill (I have NY!Selkie fodder for inheriting both Distant Ward and Sabotage Speed 3). They don’t have to use Distant Ward, I also have Fortress Def/Res 3 fodder for beefing up defenses as an A skill instead–but it has to really be worth the stat boost over losing ranged magic tanking (could also run Fortress Res 3 seal and still keep DW). I assume I’ll run with a +Res boon to increase the number of enemies that can be caught by Sabotage-type skills.

One more thing–I have Grail merge projects in progress already (Brunnya, Kronya) so my Grails will be stretched thin if I try for Conrad. Otherwise he would be highly considered for this team, as he is a good beefy boi.

There are a few distinct options I see for this role:

  1. Jagen - the old man just got a new weapon + refine that suits him for this role perfectly alongside very high base Resistance. He can run dual Sabotage (Prf +Eff and B skill of choice) and Distant Ward very effectively. However, his stats besides Res are honestly pretty terrible–I’m worried about his combat potential, especially since his Speed is so low, even with Sabotage Speed and Quick Riposte seal.

  2. Mathilda - Much higher base Speed than Jagen and mostly identical stats otherwise makes Distant Ward and Sabotage Speed more effective for magic tanking. Knightly Lance is a great supportive Prf, and with -1 special cooldown she can hit with Iceberg or Glacies nukes more frequently–but its buffs are limited to Mathilda and her support partner. Otherwise, she looks pretty solid for this role. I underestimated her for a long time, even initially when she got her Prf weapon + refine, but her stats and support are for real.

  3. Selkie - A more selfish/offense-oriented res tank, but probably the best user of Distant Ward and has the biggest Res-scaling special nukes. She has the additional option of much more powerful engages due to Foxkit Fang if on her lonesome (so she can transform). She comes with Sabotage Atk already, and can still run cav buffs despite being a beast. Minor concern is her extremely low Defense, but she shouldn’t fight most physical enemies anyway. However, the biggest issue with her is she’s more expensive to build, being 5* exclusive, and so far I have her only with neutral IVs…and +Res is ideal. :feh_selkiepout: :moneybag:

I’m not considering Peri because her Res isn’t high enough, she’s too offense-oriented and her character is yuck. Nor NY!Selkie because I want to cover red foes better (although she can certainly hold her own, and I have her at +Res).

Any input or discussion is appreciated, including alternate choices or specific builds. I’d love to talk through reaching a good decision. Thanks in advance!

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Unless you have a big stock of orbs/cash lying around, I say Mathilda. Better offenses than Jagen and easier to merge than Selkie. Otherwise go Selkie as she has the better potential.


@trash_bash for Jagen
@ShinxDaSphinx for Mathilda

Personally I think Selkie is the best but ofc she’s a 5* exclusive. In that case I prefer Mathilda for the role

Could also consider Conrad or Berkut. They cost grails but can have very high mixed defenses


Is double Sabotage (Jagen) worth considering at all over higher BST but otherwise similar stat spread (Mathilda)? :feh_maethink: I am considering giving Panic Smoke to Hríd, would that change things?

I’d say Jagen for more general support, Mathilda if you only need to support one unit


Hmm…if I use Mathilda, I would probably want to beef up Gunnthrá since she’s the dedicated nuke. But I like supporting Gunnthrá with Hríd :feh_hridexcited: I suppose that is a crippling limitation of using Mathilda for this role. That makes the decision between her and Jagen even harder…

Since this team is built around debuffing the enemy, I’d go Jagen for the double sabotage.

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I know… I know… to bad RNG decided not to give me a single +Res with my 11 copies


I’d consider Conrad but my Grails are occupied with other projects. Plus his mixed defenses aren’t entirely necessary for this team comp since I already have physical tanking largely covered (Hríd). He can run Guard Lance+ and DC well, but I think he’d be torn too much between offense, tanking and support.

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If you don’t care about Jagen’s extra sabotage and want more support, I’d suggest something like this


Is 39 res enough to Sabotage though

I feel like she’d need Fury or Fortress Res


Oooh, good food for thought. I’d probably go with a +Res boon on Mathilda instead, that’d take her up to 42 base Res. I like Spur Atk/Spd 2, that synergizes well with Knightly Lance. I do think that 42 base Res is still pretty low though–maybe Fortress Res 3 as her seal instead? Distant Ward seems too good to pass up on her and compensates for the Atk loss.

Maybe something like this:

47 Res before buffs should be plenty. Visible buffs won’t affect Sabotage skills.

Meanwhile, a similarly-built Jagen…

I actually like this Jagen a lot. Higher Res than Mathilda, not locked to fully supporting 1 unit. Can debuff both offensive enemy stats reliably, leaving Def Smoke or Panic Smoke to Hríd to hit as many enemy stats as possible to soften them up for Gunnthrá. The only concern I have is his much lower Speed stat in the face of enemy mages/dragons with high-damage specials, as he lacks a Guard effect even with all that Res. Is that something I should be overly concerned about in his typical matchups?

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I ran your theoretical Jagen vs an enemy Winter Sothis (I think she’s a good ballpark) in the duel simulator. Someone else feel free to simulate the duel, I’m half asleep.

  • Both +10 merges, +5 Dragonflowers.
  • Sothis has her default build with an Atk asset.


  • Sothis is debuffed by both Sabotages.
  • Neither unit is buffed otherwise.

Sothis initiates: Jagen barely survives with 9 HP.

  • Jagen is buffed with two Ward Cavalry.
  • Sothis is not affected by any Sabotage.

Sothis initiates: Jagen, once again, barely survives, this time with 5 HP.

  • Jagen is not buffed.
  • Sothis is not affected by any Sabotage.

Sothis initiates: Sothis wins.

So… Jagen can survive with triangle (and Spd) disadvantage if you play very carefully, and the enemy sticks together.

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Thank you for running this. I’ve been playing around with duel simulator stuff myself, mostly against +10 Bold Fighter Duma. Results aren’t very pretty most of the time, but it seems Jagen generally fares a bit better in combat overall compared to Mathilda. If he can survive conditionally against W!Sothis even partially buffed and/or with the enemy partially debuffed, that’s honestly amazing and unexpected. I think Jagen is the better overall Res tank over Mathilda for general purposes.

Specifically for my envisioned team comp however, it’s still not a straightforward decision unless I swap out Chilling Seal and Freezing Seal on Gunnthrá and Hríd. Otherwise, Jagen’s two Sabotage skills largely overlap with those skills of theirs. I think Desperation on Gunnthrá has serious potential, and maybe a Lull skill on Hríd. But those are juicy skills in this kind of comp. Hmm…I’ll have to sleep on it and revisit.

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I mean, Jagen makes more sense than Matilda here because hes not trying to focus on a single unit.The builds suggested are decent but Im questioning the B slots here since Gunnthra and Hrid will be both debuffing atk and spd while Jagen debuffs atk and these dont stack, so…

Chill res gunnthra makes more sense, she debuffs people with high enough res to dare challenge Jagen’s almighty res , and debuffs res instead.

I wanted to say something else but I forgot, so thats about it :feh_elisad:.

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Looks at L!Eliwood

L!Eliwood would be marvelous on a bladetome team, or most other general horse emblem teams. Unfortunately I’m going for a heavy debuff comp and that’s sort of opposite his strengths. He can support well, but I need a mixed phase bruiser that plays off of debuffs and Hríd fits the bill.

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Yeah we had the same thought. I really want to play around with the idea of giving Gunnthrá and Hríd different B skills and using Jagen for double Sabotage, or keeping their B skills as more reliable debuffs and maybe going with a more offensive-oriented blue Res tank build (on Jagen or other). Mathilda might have an edge over him there since her weapon has accelerated special cooldown, but she has to survive long enough to unleash them.

Or, well…it’s looking more and more like one of the Selkies is the better choice here, even without reliable transformation… :feh_selkiepout:

Selkies are very good

But they’re also by far the most expensive

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