Best support units (general)

I was wondering what you think the best support units would be.

  • Which operators do you like to use from your friends?
  • Which operators would you like to use, but are hardly available?
  • Would you prefer friends having niche operators, or mainstream power houses?

Not looking for the best solution for myself, but more interested in general.

Keen to hear your thoughts!

Ps. I would add a survey if I would know how, would anyone else like to start one?


Personally I mostly use support primary for niche type situations:

  • To faster generate DP (Utility vanguards)
  • To have another fast-redeployer (Red or Shadow)
  • For specific range type stages (long range sniper and Ifrit

Therefore I really like friends that have more niche type operators

However on a daily basis those niche type of situations don’t occur so often. So I wonder how usefull it would be to put niche operators myself.

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When I was new, the powerhouses like Silverash/Exu/Eyja were most useful. Now that I have a lot of those myself, I mainly look for supports when I want something niche. But sometimes I still borrow Saria because that’s a mainstream one I don’t have.


I never use Support Units except during CC (or maybe really tough challenge event level)
So my answer will be Power House. (
That’s what help me give that push I need to go further in Contract lvl and such. So I mainly used Blaze, Schwarz and Saria.
I like niche operator, but I’d rather try to drop them and use them myself rather than borrowing it. (plus, I have a good amount of them, I think, at least enough for now with my knowledge of the game that I don’t lack anything, except, well, power)

I also put Power House in my Support Unit (at least I do believe they are quite powerful) such as Silence and Utage

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Then who are the best power houses to make available?

  • I feel that the traditional power houses like Eyja, Silver and Saria are already omnipresent
  • I also feel that many doctors pulled for popular newer power houses like Surtr and Bagpipe
  • For now I put in Thorns and Blade since I don’t see them with my friends that often.
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I wouldn’t be able to tell you, I’m sorry.
I don’t know the game enough, and I’m not good enough to be able to decypher each abilities and tell you overall who’s the best.
I suppose you can rely on what is know to be crazy good (such as SilverAsh or Eyja’) but I couldn’t tell you which one, nor which one I would like.

I quote Blaze because that’s what one of my friends in the game had it E2Lvl70 since basically CC#0 , so I got used to that unit and use her power to help me in CC.
Maybe I’m even a bit biased here because of that, I wouldn’t exclude it, but I really like Blaze and her Skill2

But again it also depend of the situation, previous CC Permanent Stage I would instead borrow a E2 Schwarz that helped me a lot (couldn’t remember the skill)

Now regarding what to put in your Support, well as you said, popular Power House are already massively used (even tho’ none of my friend put S.A xD ), and it will really depend which goal you want to accomplish.
I can say that I’ve put Silence (S2M1) and Utage (S2M3) , and nobody used them during previous CC , so if what you seek is having these sweet red number during contigency maybe putting sub-powerhouse (let’s call them like that) or niche operator aren’t the best move.
Ho and my 3rd support is W , because she is limited and I wanted my friend to be able to try her if they didn’t drop her (I litterarly changed my profile message to “Try W if you want :)” )

But if you just want to survey people and ask me , then you got my two (a bit long) answer above hehe :3


I’d say the powerhouses I personally don’t see often are mainly just Thorns and Weedy, honestly


Coming from playing since almost the beginning, I have most of the big powerhouses–and the ones I don’t have I can typically manage without. So when I take a support it’s usually for a niche that I haven’t gotten upgraded enough or don’t have–Fast-redeploy options like Red and Phantom are big, or Bagpipe for some quicker DP at the beginning. When CC comes around is when I go with the powerhouses–usually Blaze, though I imagine Thorns will likely be useful from here on too.

One tip, if you’re going to use one of the mainstream powerhouses as your support, you’ll need them pretty high leveled up if you want them to be picked over others who have the same. More niche operators usually need their skill M3’d but might not be as reliant on their level.

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In general i just borrow a s2m3 Chen
If its CC Saria would be useful in general (although I think most already have her)

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I am probably unusual in that I have a very skewed team. Many E2 snipers, defenders (though until recently no healing defenders) and specialists but only 1 E2 single target caster, 1 E2 AOE caster (which I barely use anyway) and no E2 guards (though that one is by choice).

As a result I generally end up borrowing the powerhouses to brute force a challenge mode or a CC where I can’t make a strat with my units work. I also actually have most of the niche units myself as well (Jaye, Phantom, April, Weedy, Eunectes, Rosa, Waai Fu, Scene to name a few) so I never need to borrow them.

I normally put on more unusual/niche units on my support because most of my friends have powerhouses on theirs due to the units I normally need to borrow. Since I also generally plan in advance and farm in advance materials for operators I want now if I do get them I immediately E2 Skill 7 them and stick them on my support for people to try (plus normally gives me a few days of guarantee my support unit will get used).

Saying that I do have an E2 bagpipe on my support unit since it’s one of the few strong meta units I have and seems to be borrowed consistently in CC

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I try to offer and will use both.

I’ve been playing for over a year and do have all the powerhouses now. But sometimes there’s a niche unit that fits better. And squad limits mean you need to use the support unit to round out your squad. Plus, a niche support unit gives you the opportunity to trial an operator you haven’t pulled or raised yet.

For example: I need primarily snipers and casters for a drone heavy map. But I also need DP generation. I own Glaucus and Myrtle but only Myrtle is available as a support unit.

For large events like CC I try to tailor my support units to those that I think will be useful or have proved useful in the past. Like Saria (in general) or Projekt Red during the last CC. Otherwise I stick with my own favorites plus a niche unit - Texas, Glaucus and Blue Poison.


It’s an interesting discussion.

Personally I like variety so I’m happy to see things like Vigna, Broca and Asbestos on my friend’s list.

One thing that I would note is that I never use anything that isn’t M3’d. It should be some kind of rule really.

Anything you can offer that is both unique and M3d will surely get used from time to time.


Good discussion,

Personally… really depends on each doktah starting point
For beginner, Big names sure is godsend
As we progress, understanding more aspect, more Ops in hands, we tend to look out the niche ones we didn’t have.
Also meta matters most.

People that tend to raise lots of damage dealer may find themselves lacking in niche, and vice versa.

Those Bignames created for a reason I believe, also for the niche ones. Back again, back to each doktah perspective.

Because they got 3 skill, and many of them worth for M6
For flexibility reason.
Unlike 5*,the choice are very limited, unless you’re the waifus type.

Then about friend’s support
Again… back to their own selfishness.
Some like showing off current meta
Some for waifus reason
And there are some for trolling, hahaha.

Nowadays, generalist should be priorities,
big brain doktah or friends support follow along with the seasonal meta.
Relying only some big names made it easier to be skipped, as it is so common.
Better on niche, with seasonal meta rules applied.
That’s what I’m doing currently.
With M3 skill of course, such as…
Suzu, Manticore, Beeswax, Summoner,
pull & push Ops, duelist archetype and
many more, you name it.

Stay curious, keep learning


Most of Time in Just borrowedw Bagpipes for vanguard starting sp. Only deploy her to cover leak or assassination


The majority of the roster I’ve built has been solid or niche operators and that tends to be what I get for HH. Combined with my inexplicable habit of not building power house operators (my first 6* was SA and I passed over E2 promoting him for nearly a year) leads to me struggling on some CC and CM stages, so having that ability to spike my power up with support units has been incredibly useful.

I just hope they’re getting as much use out of my Platinum, Liskarm, and Suzuran.


I couldn’t agree more about the skill M3 point. Often makes more of a difference than level.

Especially true for the common units - If I have the choice between 3-5 different eyja’s I’m not using the one who is not even M1 yet.

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I don’t borrow friend support except for daily missions, or to try an operator i don’t have, because i can’t master an operator i don’t use regularly and friend support’s have only one of their skills available, maybe not the one you’ll use in your situation(Eija and Saria in mind) and third i like to resolve the CC with my operators only.
They are exceptions, but the difference between my E2 51 SA and an others E2 90 S3M3 is not enough to get higher risk level in cc.

For friend support i put easy to use powerhouse(M3) for these reasons Chen S2, SA S3 and Eija S2/S3( Gummy S1M1 first Slot lol) , but sometime i change during cc or to offer some more rare M3 operators for friends, to try.(Manticore or Mousse for example).

When i was a beginner they are operators who really impressed me when i borrowed them , Eija , Ifrit, Gummy, Sa S3 and maybe that the reason why i use them as support too.

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i don’t generally use supports outside of CC, and then mostly just to fill in spaces I don’t have yet (please come home bagpipe ;~;).

for my supports i generally favor slightly less popular but still powerful operators - currently that’s usually Click s2m3, W s2m3, and some other 6*. the theory being to pick operators that provide utility that isn’t as readily available in the mainstream powerhouses (e.g. stunning, debuffs) but who still have some decent damage output.


For me, I’d put one burst damage operator like Surtr, Eyja, or SA, then a debuffer, be it Saria S3, Suzuran S3 or Shamare/Pramanix. Or buffers, like Shining, Nightingale, Aak, or Warfarin. As for the last slot, niche operators that someone might want to use it or those that is fun to play like summoners.

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