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Who do y’all consider the best operators to post on support?

I’ve just been posting my favorite ones until just a few minutes ago. But decided I wanted to be a little more helpful to other players so I switched to a Pram, Sa, and Chen lineup. I figured Sa is probably one of the most sought after supports. But what do y’all think or look for?

The usual suspects really. SA, Eija, and Exu comes to mind for they can be deployed in almost every map. There are couple of noteworthy Ops from what I’ve seen such as Ifrit, Hellagur/Skadi, and Saria that people also want from the support list mostly due to their specialization. But other than that you could pretty much post anybody up until certain events where the support slot is highly sought out for.

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I think Lappland has been the most useful to me. But there are 9 Lapplands on my friends list so it’s not like I need more really. Same with big damage units like Eyja, Ifrit, Exu: You want enough to find one easily but not too many so everyone on your friends list is the same. Sometimes it’s nice to just play around with rarer units like E2 Deepcolor or whatever.

You get 3 slots so I’d say have a mixture, favourites and meta.

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Yeah that’s true. I don’t really use the support slot much myself unless I’m looking for a niche unit like Ifrit for a challenge map. I guess I can just rotate ops every now and then.

Yeah I guess it’s not a big deal outside of events so you can stick with favs. In FGO I just post my favorite servants since it doesn’t really matter. Most people are just looking for Waver or Merlin anyway

One thing that does bother me, is that loads of people haven’t maxed the skill level of their suppport units to 7. That should be the first requirement really.

Currently I just cycle through and hope for Saria but going forward, once I finally get her, I’d say the rarer and more niche units are probably the best choice. There’s a bunch of supporter units and sniper units that offer something different and would be fun to mess around with, without actually levelling and same goes for the 6 star units that are newer releases.


I think it’s depend on your operators and current level or advancement.
Veteran and beginner won’t have the same needs.

Veterans use friend support only for daily quest and friend points and for event, they want a specific operator they lack or not enough advanced.
My friend support is for friends not for me only , it’s one of the reason why i won’t rotate my list.
It’s supposed to be the most powerful, advanced and useful operator for others.

On another hand low level players are addict to some operator i guess.
They seek friend with an operator that they like or help them a lot.
They need powerful operator for farming, Annihilation, clearing a map with 3 stars etc.
They don’t have enough operators and they are under leveled.
I let my gummy E1 60 because it will help low level friends without E2.
When you don’t have enough friends in your list, you will be happy with a friend with constant operators.

In my opinion SA skill 3 and Eija skill 3 are the best candidates they are powerful and easy to use and understand.
You should have at least one, in your support list.
Sometime i like to try others operators and find new gems like this Shirayuki E2 in my friend list, because i don’t have enough resources to develop all operators at E2 90( and i want to develop my favorites too) . :)


I do not use Support.

1- i like to clear the game with my own units

2- if i take a support, i cannot unlock autodeploy for that mission

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While I guess that’s an admirable decision, here’s a few things you should consider:

  1. Using support units can help you clear limited event content you otherwise wouldn’t, allowing you get more Originum Prime from those first clears.
  2. You should clear the Annihilation maps as soon as possible to get the bonus cap to the weekly Orundum you can farm there.
  3. Support units are a great way to test drive units you don’t have, broadening your scope of the game and helping you decide which units are good to invest in and worth trying to pull in headhunting.
  4. Some maps, usually boss maps (Frostnova’s comes to mind), can actually be a lot more difficult than a lot of maps that follow them. Clearing them one time can help you unlock better farming spots, which can then help you go back and clear again for autodeploy.

Still it’s your decision, and there’s nothing wrong with playing the game at your own pace. Just be aware that you might be missing out on resources you would otherwise be able to get.


Thank you for your explaination, wise words.

But i think i want to see how far i can go with my own legs, a way to test my operators and skills.

Sure, my own pace is slower, but still…

Okay. It’s not a no, because you have given me some solid points.

I will have to think about all of this.

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I might be wrong, but I think that your E2 supports still show up for players without an E2. The support operator is simply reduced back to the level of their highest unit.

For example - before I had an E2, I’m pretty sure I was using a Support Saria, who was actually e2 lvl 18, but would show up as an e1, lvl 70 - matching my highest unit at the time.

I wonder if someone can confirm that for us.

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Yeah the support is scaled down to the highest level in the squad.
For some operators that’s fine but for like Silverash/Eyja with skill 3 equipped, they can’t use it at E1. I think it automatically swaps to skill 1 which is not very useful.


It could be really a trouble with any 6* stars who possess a skill 1 not really noticeable, like Ch’en, SilverAsh or Siege. Even Exusiai skill 1 don’t compensate her Dp cost for me (Kroos is better), maybe the reason i didn’t find her extraordinary.
I wonder if the skill level is capped too?

A confirmation from another topic:
Even a 4* operator at e2 will unlock e2 skills for 6* support operators iirc"
For example: you’ll only see your friend’s SilverAsh sk3 if you have an operator at E2. And even if your friend’s support unit/s are, let’s say, E2 lvl 40 but your highest lvl unit is only E2 lvl
10, the support list will show operators higher than your level as E2 lvl 10 with their stats reflecting as such

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Considering that raising skills at higher levels and E2-ing operators competes for the same mats which aren’t that easy to farm/produce, it’s understandable that most people will prioritize promotion that’ll let them play the game more easily and unlock useful talents/skills over increasing skill levels. Yes, skills’ levels do make game easier too, but let’s face it - having more E2 operators is often more important.

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I’m not so sure I agree with that. Anyway, you can only support with 3 units and if you’re telling me that people e2 their operators before they have 3 with level 7 skills, I’d say we were playing different games.

I can rephrase though if I caused offense:
If you have operators with level 7 skills, they’ll be more appreciated as support units by your friends :slight_smile:

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I’m saying that I’d rather hoard mats for the operators I want to E2 when I have an opportunity to do so, and then consider raising skills to lvl7. And choosing between farming mats for E2 and for skill lvl7, I’d go for E2, and then switch to mats for skills if I’m gated by, say, chip catalysts. Also, raising operators’ levels to E1 max requires insane amount of LMD, and that’s where sanity goes before lvl mats, too, because on many maps you can survive with underleveled skills, but can’t do so with underleveled operators.

it is so, but it also depends on your goal in this game: enjoy it yourself or please other people with developed support units. If you manage to combine the two - great! But no-one should be pressured to max their units just so other people would appreciate it.

I’m not trying to be rude or harsh, sorry if it sounds that way.

No, it’s an interesting perspective. Just a completely different mindset to mine is all. Pretty much my whole core team had lvl 7 skills before I got any of my operators to e2.

Your points are valid though, thanks for sharing.