Best Supportive CE for caster gil?

Hey guys, so what is the best recommended ce for Caster Gilgamesh to put on support party?
I’m currently using Magical Girl of Sapphire for him.

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your typical support CE depending on what you need

more NP/Arts:
Prisma Cosmos
Formal Craft



Ideal Holy King
Da Vinci

also any 4* substitute to any of these above would be fine.

Caster gil works best in Arts Crit team so your magical girl sapphire is a good choice, a 2030 and prisma cosmos as always is a good choice for any Support caster


prisma cosmos without MLB is fine too?

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note taken. thanks for the respond!

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Yeah certainly even at level 20 it gives a fair amount of HP to cas gil and trying to MLB a 5 star craft essence is usually not worth it, unless you plan on whaling for the game. Also any of the Mana prism shop CEs like Lunch time,Personal Training,etc. work fine for all Supports and Mash.

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nah, did not have a fortune to whale. i’m a f2p.
well, i’m waiting lunch time at the rare prism shop. only get 3 copy of it last time.

I’m using projection level 20 on my gil(caster) i think it’s effective for him

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It depends on what you wish to use him for. As mentioned earlier by someone, for star generation, you’d grab 2030 (gain 8 stars per turn) or a Hot Springs under the Moon (4 stars per turn but increase in crit damage).

If you want to farm, get a Kaleidoscope or maybe Imaginary Element (with a Waver to give you that extra NP)

But otherwise, if you want to increase his arts capability, slap a Formal Craft or Sapphire CE. Prisma would be good for long fights but would have to pair with a Tamamo and Waver imo to fully utilize it.

What you have on now is good enough but If you roll on valentine banner there are couple of good ce for him, cute orengette to add some np damage and the emiya ce that give 3 star and 10% arts boost is good for him, 2030 for more star, glory is with you if you going for extra crit damage, chaldea lifesaver for guts

Holy Night Supper.
Start NP gauge, NP dmg up (stacks multiplicatively with Arts and Attack buffs of his own kit) and crit up (his first skill makes is arts and buster cards basically quick cards, allowing arts crit to spam NP).

Kaleido Sapphire MLB/Formalcaft
Moar dmg to most of his cards, and more NP gain, as well; a no brainer.

Azure Magical Girl/Little Halloween Devil
If you REALLy want to spam his NP a lot (and stack those precious AOE aatack ups for yourself+def ups for the enemy mobs)

Innocent Maiden/Prisma Cosmos/that 4* Christmass who gives 200HP and 3% NP regen
Also to spam NP, sorta. For more long fights with stall setup.

The to go CE for Caster supports/semi-suppports, since his 1st skill has such a high cooldown, even of maxed.

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great list!! thanks! will keep these in mind