Best supports to help survive berserker

Hello, who is in your opinion the best support or party members to help berserkers live longer?

I though about Merlin, but Nero Caster or Quetz are busters that can give guts to team members. Same for Illya…

Your opinion?

I would personally say Merlin and mash for the invuln on skill for Merlin and the taunt and def buffs from mash. I would also mention reines for her np removing class disadvantages but that’s 2 years away.

Anyone with def up, to reduce that 1.5 dmg received.
Also i think too Reines For the same reasons above + Invi skil + NP that removes class disadvantage.

Servants with taunts, stuns and heals as well.

100% Reines when she comes out.

1st skill is only slightly worse than Waver’s Def +/ Damage - skill.
3rd skill is a mini-Volumen (2 attack invincibility)

Both of these are on fairly short CD considering their effect.

NP reduces enemies crit chance by 20% (OC effect) and lets all allies take neutral damage for 3 turns.

Besides her, someone like d’Eon who has an excellent taunt (Georgios or Leonidas as well, but d’Eon has more HP so can do it for longer).

People who heal over time aren’t as good for Berserkers since on any given turn a crit can just erase them- 1000 heal a turn sounds nice but not when they can take 10k damage in one hit.

Definitely mash tbh

Merlin works in 99% of situations, berserkers cant kill you or be killed if you obliterate the living christ out of everything. Also invincibility for party.

The best defense is a good offense, so I’d go with Berserkers