Best Swampert for Great and Ultra league?

Hi …

I still don’t fully understand IV mechanics for PVP

What would be the best IV spread for Great and Ultra

For Master , no doubt that it is 15/15/15

What is it for great and ultra ?

For Great League - Level 19 Swampert with 0/14/14 IV will get you to 1498 CP
For Ultra League - Level 33.5 Swampert with 0/14/13 will get you to 2499 CP

IVs in Great and Ultra League are about the most stats you can get while being as close to the CP cap as possible. Attack raises CP a lot faster than Def or Sta so ideal PvP IVs a generally 0 Attack and 14 or 15 Def and Sta. Some exceptions are Pokemon who at level 40 are still under the CP cap. For example, a level 40 Medicham with 15/15/15 IVs is still under 1500 CP so you want a perfect Medicham.


Alright , thank you … will try to catch and evolve the closest to those

Is there any site where you can find that info about the best IV spread ?

If you chose Pokedex for any of the leagues you can type in a specific Pokemon and it will give you the best IV spread.

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I don’t do PvP at all so I don’t know… But wouldn’t 0/15/13 and 1499cp at level 19 be better than 0/14/14?

I.e. sacrifice an HP to gain a defense, and in doing so gains 1cp. Or does the 1hp make a bigger difference than the 1 defense, despite resulting in lower cp?

The difference would be negligible.

That is what I meant when opening the thread said that I still don’t fully understand IV mechanics

negligible advantaging which one ?
the 1498 0/14/44 ?
or the 1499 0/15/13 ?
which one is mathematically better ?

Swampert has a lower base HP than base Defense, so more HP has a larger effect than more Defense. Which is mathematically better is impossible to answer. It will change depending on the Pokemon you are fighting and a host of other variables. Winning or losing a match rarely comes down to IVs. It’s more important to know when to use shields and proper counters.

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And if you have prior experience playing Fruit Ninja.


The purpose behind alternative IV spreads is to maximize the stat product, ATT * STAM * DEF, since this correlates with TDO and PvP performance, where ATT = CPM * (baseATT + ivATT), and likewise for the other stats. So, based upon the assumptions of this model, the one that is “better” is the one with the higher stat product, which you can calculate using the above. However, it would likely be a negligible difference, as other posters have already stated. If you have Android, the scan readout for CalcyIV can include the stat product, listed as a percentage of the best possible, which saves you the work of doing it by hand.

Having a “good” IV spread typically helps getting close to the league CP thresholds, but the difference can indeed be fairly negligible. Bulk is somewhat important in PvP though, so any spread that gets reasonably close to the limit without being a complete glass cannon is probably fine.

My two cents: find out what level the ideal IV spread reaches, then look at your potential candidates and find the ones that reach the CP limit at that level and see who gets closest to it without going over. A Swampert that reaches 1499 at level 18.5 will likely have a lower stat product than one that reaches it at level 19 due to the CP multiplier.

After that you’re just splitting hairs. Having the best of the best IV spread at that point likely only matters in mirror matches. Knowing type matchups and when to switch/shield/bait is largely more crucial to victory.