Best sync pair combos discussion

If you have any suggestions on good sync pair teams than here is the perfect thread. critic other peoples teams and give suggestions.

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a team I’ve been thinking of trying to get was lapras, abomasnow, and serperior. because blizzard 100% hits with hailstorm and serperior can provide attack bars because blizzard takes 3 is it a good idea or…?

Drake and Viola can be utilised in tandem to shuffle between Attack drops each turn whilst using Drake’s support moves or Viola’s Struggle Bug / Infestation. But I don’t know a match where this is an optimal strategy. Maybe against Nanu since Viola can utilise a super-effective, Infestation-boosted, Sync move for high damage.

This could be useful against opponents weak to the Ice-type. The problem is that the only notable match in which this is the case is Story Mode Acerola, and only the Palosand. There you have to deal with Hypnosis which can stop you from using Blizzard. Getting around Hypnosis requires you to either let support Pokemon take the hits (they can still use support moves), using a cleric, or using Karen’s Houndoom who has an ability to render her immune to sleep and can hit the other two Pokemon super-effectively. Given that your setup requires three Pokemon, you have much less room for adapting your strategy to account for your opponents’.

Against opponents not weak to the Ice-type, you’re probably better off using Pokemon with higher offence stats than Lapras and Abomasnow. For example Alolan Raichu has strong spread damage with Discharge and a nifty 30% paralysis chance. It doesn’t require a weather user or support - it can provide its own SpA boosts, though Rosa will certainly help there to provide 4 for Raichu, saving it time and bringing it to +6 as opposed to +4. Raichu can boost its Speed to +6, letting it spam Discharge more often. This also requires only Raichu + Rosa, as opposed to the three Pokemon with your strategy, giving you freedom with the third slot. Pheobe, for example, can use Dire HIt + All twice so that Raichu always crits. Blue and Karen also have spread moves, and are particularly strong after Mega evolving.

so from what I understand lapras just doesn’t do as much damage with blizzard than other pokemon like raichu. dang it I really thought I something off meta. but Im pretty sure freeze can account for the not so great dps I think and I wasn’t thinking about using it against pokemon weak to freeze I thought of it as a great combo that can be used effectively against anything but I guess theres better option for dps. thanks for your response this was my first thread ever and seeing you in depth message really showed that you cared.

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We talking co-op or single player?