Best team comp for Caster Gil?

So I have my Caster Gil at NP3, level 80, 1000 ATK and HP through fous, and his skills (last I checked) are 2/6/6. While he’s been good to me, I saw on the page for him that he shines when he had the best team composition for him, so I’m wondering what that would be for him.

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CasGil is an arts/crit hybrid servant. He can deal some nice damage through his NP but he works best when he’s using his arts, attack, and crit buffs to enable servants like Lancelot (Saber) who do good critical damage and are arts servants.

saberlot, squirtoria and nursery rhyme works great him him. slap tamamo or bb and you got yourself a good team

Caster Midrash is coming soon, and she offers a lot of things he likes and he a lot of things she likes.
She has a party wide Arts&Buster buff for 3 turns in a 5 turn cooldown at level 10, a charisma and a ST Arts Noble Phantasm.
He has a Star Generation Buff to compliment her self Crit Steroid, a party wide Arts and Debuff success up and AoE NP to generate stars/blow a Wave for her.

Nursery has Self Modification and AoE Arts NP, but lacks an arts buff of her own and a way to generate stars. He can compliment her needs and she can break through bosses by critting.

Sitonai is coming out next year and she loves everything he offers, has higher star absorption and can deal with bosses in mix nodes.

Honorable mentions: EMIYA Alter loves Critting and Arts buffs but is very selfish. EMIYA Assassin adores Attack and Defense Up but has atrocious NP gen and offers nothing to him. Ryoma has a boring skillset but works well enough with CasGil, especiallu because he is a welfare. Chloe works too but i don’t like her

I’m saying off the top of my head the ones who like what he offers the most (Arts Up, Attack Up, Defense Up, Arts Chains, Star Gen Up, Debuff Success Up) and that’s why most of these are Gold Characters. You could run Salieri, Hassan of Hundred Personas or Robin Hood, but you won’t do a lot of damage

Pretty much echoing every servant mentioned before while also adding Munenori. He’s not a crit-centric as Saberlot, but he’s all around better and will still benefit from Caster Gil (who should in turn not only raise his damage but increase looping potential).

People don’t forget Sherlock, CasGil enable arts NP looping, stars and better damage consistency.

I like the way Cas Gil and Sanza raise star generation when they are together. And Sanza gives NP gain up on the same skill. Which raises your arts team’s NP really fast without using starting NP CEs.

In terms of him as a support, for short battles, I love the kind of damage he can help my lvl 90 Robin reach. And his debuff success rate is super helpful in that regard. Also that can help with arts/stall if youre using lower-succes rate stallers like Serenity. But echoing before, really useful with Emiya Assassin and refund

I imagine so since Gil hits up supports for both of his niches. Could he work good for Yagyu as well?

I run him with other hot guys

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Yeah, that’s what I had meant to imply with my original post. I think they work quite well together indeed.

Servants I usually run him with:

  • Archuria+any of the big 3 supports depending on fight
  • Sherlock+any of the big 3 supports depending on fight
  • Saberlot+Sherlock (I activate his 1st skill when Saberlot’s skills wear off)
  • CasGil himself+any two of the big 3 supports depending on fight

imo, he meshes well with any arts servants with high hit-count cards. He helps those debuffs land too.
Paired him once with OG Gil and the stars he made, made my phone explode.