Best Team I can make?

Heres a list of all the Servants I have so far

Took a break from the game for a while and Im wondering where to go next

Whats the best team I can make with the following Servants?

Nero Bride
NP2 Herc
NP2 Nero
NP3 Saber Artoria
First Hasan
NP2 Medb
JEanne Alter
NP4 Georgios
NP5 Leonidas
Lancer Artoria
Berserker Vlad
NP5 Chloe
NP5 Robin Hood
NP5 Child Gil
NP5 Lancer Cu
NP3 Lu Bu
NP5 Asterios
NP5 Hans
Archer EMIYA
MEdea Lily
Tamamo Cat
Berserker Lancelot
Nursery Rhyme
Anne & Mary
Marie Antoinette

Along with a few other Bronze servants and such

Double Merlin + any buster servant = profit in the current NA meta.

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Uff, that is a nice list but the question is veeeeeery vague. It really depends on what you are doing. Farming? Challengues? Quests? And don’t forget to take classes into account also.

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Jalter + Merlin + another Merlin/Waver
Nero Bride + Tamamo + friend arts DPS

Those are cookie-cutter builds.

Also take into account there are servants that are easy to use vs servants that are actually fun to use. For instances, I find more challenging and entertaining to use servants like Vlad or Marie, than just wreaking havoc with JAlter, for instance. Just pick the combinations that make you happy. Since you have all kinds of good servants, you can allow yourself to do trials and errors with them.

There’s really no such thing as a “best team”, only a “best team against a particular challenge”.

Double Mash and Hans will get through just about any content, if you’re looking for a comp that can handle any situation. Just expect it to take a few hundred turns.

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Merlin and Rama can get along well, alot of options for supports too. Naturally there’s double Merlin, but that’s a bit dull. Lancer Vlad can do star gen even with a 2Q ,1A, 2B deck and has team NP damage up on a skill meaning Rama could stack all four relevant buff types, but he doesn’t show up on a lot of friend lists, Caesar is weaker, but can do most of the same things, plus he’s also a saber . If you’re confident In Rama’s solo threat potential you could run support Jean or Mash as a safety net.

If you’re looking for function over form… you could run Bride and Tamamo, then fish for support Saberlot. Then just do Arts/NP chains until all enemies are red paste.