Best team’s to play from what I’ve got? Newcomer

Hi guys, just recently downloaded the game and I’m struggling a little with PVP, can anybody suggest what teams would be best using based on the ones I’ve got so far? Thanks in advance. Pics below


Its a little difficult to make a good team for PVP from what you have but try this
Main: 1. SP SuperSaiyan4Goku (Purple) 2. SP SuperSaiyanGoku (Green) 3. EX SuperSaiyanBroly (Yellow)
Bench: 1. SP SuperSaiyan3Goku (Purple) 2. EX Raditz (Blue) 3. SP SuperSaiyanGoku (Red)
My advice is keep grinding missions and do summons.

Thanks for the quick reply! Appreciate it.

Yeah I know I’m probably a little low level and not many good characters for PVP yet, I just feel PVP is where it’s at so trying to get my grips on it early haha.

Thanks again bud I’ll give it a try

Just a quick one, the bench goku super saiyan red, which one? The one which is 3 star and level 157 or the other one?

Im talking about the goku at level 157

Just try not to get easily frustrated with pvp like I do lol. Take everything as a learning experience

Hello mate, thanks for your advice previously, been doing well with that team. I’ve got a fair few new characters since then and I was wondering if you would mind having a look to see if there’s potential for another great team? Thanks in advance.

From the looks of it I cant really make a complete team with your new units . You almost have enough units to make a great android team. Good news is that you can improve the team I recommended.

Switch out your EX Broly(Yellow) for SP SuperSaiyanGodSS Goku(Yellow)

I didnt say this before but I HIGHLY recommend that you try to limit break your SP SSJ4 Goku(Purple) to 3 stars. You can do this through the sparking medal shop or the hyperdimensional shop. Look out for an item called multi z power. If you have any more questions ask away :)

Hi, Could I get some help making a team for pvp?

Yes. Just reply with screenshots of your character list and please filter by rarity

OK, Here is what I’ve got…


  1. EX Super Saiyan Broly(YEL)
  2. SP Super Saiyan Goku(RED) (Level 1)
  3. SP Super Saiyan Broly(GRN)


  1. SP Super Saiyan Goku(RED) (Level 2252
  2. SP Vegeta(PUR)
  3. SP Goku(BLU)

Ive gotten gogeta (blue) and super saiyan god vegeta now is there anything i should change

New Team:


  1. EX Super Saiyan Broly(YEL)
  2. SP Gogeta(BLU)
  3. SP Super Saiyan Broly(GRN)


  1. SP Super Saiyan Goku(RED)
  2. SP Super Saiyan Goku(RED)
  3. SP Goku(BLU)(Gives more defense) or SP Vegeta(PUR)(Gives more damage)

Thanks I got SP Pan and SP Chilled but I’m guessing theyre arent needed.


I got