Best Teammates for Melt


Through nothing short of pure dumb luck. I was able to pull Melt from the event Gacha with only a single Summon ticket, making her my second 5-Star (The other being Jeanne D’arc). So what servants would she work best with? Any specific combos or would a standard Quick team do just fine?


I’ve got fairly limited experience with Melt, having only recently acquired her myself, but she is a particularly selfish masochist… Her best supports I’ve used so far has probably been Waver and Merlin, to cover for her squishiness. (But that’s also true for every other servant and those two aren’t exactly easily acquirable or F2P friendly, though this can be supplement by FL.)

When she’s on the stage, Melt wants to be the star of the show, so keeping her alive is imperative as she lacks any class resistance. With most nodes being mixed, I’ve found the best fit for her is to use the appropriate counter Servant Class along with a Support servant, either a healer such as Medea Lily, Irisviel, Tamamo and Merlin, or taunters such as Mash, Vlad (extra) and Passionlip, who serves as a great hybrid taunter-healer with her NP and her buffs making her more durable than Melt most of the time! Leonidas and George would probably also work, but I haven’t played around with them.

She’s squishy, but her NP gain is pretty great on her Quick cards, so starting an attack with another servant using Arts followed by two of Melt’s Quick cards generates 26% NP Gauge, with crits you can double this (and she crits often!) and thats not accounting for overkill or after she’s fired her NP (OC Quick Buff). Her OC helps in attempts at NP looping, though at best I often find I’m only able to fire it off a second time on the last turn of her OC 3-turn quick buff duration.

… Sorry if none of what I’ve said helps.

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I’ve been using with her Bride and Waver. That NP gain buff is great on her. Lead with an Arts card, then play Melt’s quicks. Amazing.

She and Okita have the same deck, so they’d mesh well with someone to buff crit damage/supply stars/have Arts cards, like Hans or Merlin. Hans leaves you naked in face of enemy NPs, though.

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Currently I would say Tammy and/or waver just to get her np up fast. Of course if you want a quick support
Scathach, Atalanta, and Alex are options and scath and Atalanta cover servants that melt does less dmg to. The obvious answer isn’t out yet but I think we know who it is lol