Best time to roll for Okita?

I rolled for Okita in the GSSR saber for the 3rd anniversary and got Sigurd instead. So I was wondering when is the next best chance to roll for Okita?

This banner for a 1-in-8 chance. She has no foreseeable future rate-ups, and statistically speaking, in terms of best odds, every GSSR going forward besides that one has far worse odds of her (e.g. full Knights + more).


Unfortunately her last known solo rate-up was two months ago so for the next 2 years your only shot is GSSR.

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No!!! Say it is not so! Oh well I just will keep rolling for her in future GSSR and whenever I see her available thanks for the help :grinning:

I hope you get her eventually!

Welcome to the community, sorry but for now only GSSRs