Best Time to Use FP since we got Servant coins

I think the FP CE bombs from the banner outweighs the bonus from Anniv. I have the same original plan as you but might be changed. I suck at math so i don’t really know which is better.


The FP CE bombs outweigh the 5x success for creating them I believe, but if you have any you’ve been making little by little then the 5x is the best time to spend them.


Soley cuz there’s the 5x success rates for leveling servants and ces, if you want to level ces and make ces bombs, there won’t be a better time to level those ces. So use your fp there

If you’re worried about fp for nobukatsu, there’s a lot to between anniversary and his event.

Got it! The 5X Success rate is better than the CE EXP we getting in the nobukatsu banner?

That was my biggest concern.

There’s a download milestone directly after nobukatsus event with 2x success if you’re worried about that…

No, it isn’t.

So use any EXP CEs you have already - I’ve saved the ones from Valentines, from the Guda Guda rerun, etc. But purely based on numbers, save your rolls for GG5.


What would you need 1.84 million Friend Points to raise a single CE? Am I reading that wrong?

Did they put FP instead of XP?

Level 100 requires many CEs/XP to get to yes. Once you get higher up in levels the bar barely moves even if you feed a CE that is, say, level 30.

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It’s that many FPs, on average, to summon enough CEs to level yours.


Thanks so much. This is what I was looking for. Looks like I’m going for the Guda Guda 5 rerun. The Nobukatsu banners give extra coins too and thus makes it easier to farm grails.

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GG5 should be after a lotto though. If you’re worried that you wouldn’t be able to pull through that many FP rolls, splitting it up isn’t a bad idea.

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It’s better so use my saved up FP + lotto on that Guda 5. I’ll get more servant coins theoretically on it.

Burning FP is one of my most hated tasks in FGO. It’s better to burn them all in one go.

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The best time to roll fps is when you need Arash coins! :fgo_insane:

{hoping to get plenty from dailies between now and summer 5 so I won’t be burning any more of my fps before GudaGuda 5…:fgo_danzoblush:}


it’s really that much of difference? woooow…

guess i’ll wait till then. though by the time the guda 5 event comes along, ill have 5mil+ fp…

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What are these numbers based on? They look unbelievably incorrect.

I don’t know the data mined/group found rates of successes to check out the math, but one 3* EXP CE is 18k, while a regular 3* is 6k and a 2* is 3k. So every exp CE you roll is worth the same as a 3* CE getting a great x3 success and more than a 2*, so I’d fully believe it.

ESP since I think there are even 4* EXP in the guda guda FP gacha?


Probably this

They say 5 million FP is 2.8 max CEs during the annual, or 1.78 million per CE.

During GudaGuda it’s enough for 3.5 CEs or 1.4 million per.

What am I not seeing here? Is this how it goes when you don’t use CE bombs and experience cards?

I’ve definitely leveled more than 2 CEs to 100 using under a million Friend Points.

I didn’t even have a million Friend Points until after Christmas 2020 and I already had Aerial Drive maxed before then.

there are. it’s himiko. my original plan was gonna be half at 5th and half guda 5.

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Guda 5 seems to be the way. Aside from the bonuses for bombs explained here, the big coin count from Nobukatsu is too good to pass up if you’re saving for grail casting~

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