Best Unit In Terms Of Fodder?

  • Igrene
  • Shinon
  • Valentine Henriette
  • Pent
  • Fallen Female Morgan
  • Other

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… for whom?

no Midori


that’s a random poll :joy:

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Obviously Merlinus. Reposition AND WoM? That’s really good as a common.

But if we’re talking 5* exclusive fodder, Shinon. Deadeye is great for virtually every archer, and he’s the only one with it, that alone puts him near the top. Lull Atk/Spd is one of the most universally beneficial Lulls. Time’s Pulse is incredibly valuable. He’s got something for just about anyone. The only one I’d argue comes close is Igrene, since Life and Death and Pulse Smoke are universally inheritable, and Pulse Smoke in particular is really good.


I think Shinon fodder is the most consistently useful and applies to the widest variety of units

Offensive infantry? Grab Time’s Pulse. Cavalry or defensive infantry? Grab the Lull. Bow? Grab Deadeye. None of the above? Solo is still there.

Henriette is someone you fodder only to armors or red mages. That’s it.

Igrene Pulse Smoke has been useful to me but you can grab that off Ced or other units; otherwise she’s just great fodder for Ophelia or other AoE mages. I’ve only used the L&D from her on my Brunnya in one Limited Hero Battle.


I guess from these choices I pick Igrene with Shinon a close second, but Deadeye is too restricted (seriously why not include daggers, assassins/Thieves can often be creatures of precision) to sway things in his favor when the other skills are less universally good (i.e. more units can make great use of Special Spiral than Lull A/S).

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How dare you mock Time’s Pulse like that


It’s restricted to infantry vs the everyone can use pulse smoke.

Shinon is definitely great fodder, but his ability restrictions hurt his overall usefulness as such.

And yet you praised Igrene’s Spiral despite it having the same restrictions.

Just feels a bit hypocritical

Shinon certainly is up there, and I would throw Kris(M)'s hat in the ring too. Spurn is the best dodge skill imo and everyone gets a free JDA in the deal, which is arguably the most universally useful C skill.


Singled them out due to both being restricted, but faster specials are pretty much good regardless of the unit, not so much for the spd part of the lull at least

Basically it boils down to the versatility per skill slot.

What’s the standard here? My first thought was Henriette, because she’s currently the only source of an incredibly powerful and versatile skill, so there’s no substitute for her and she can make a sizable impact on how you play and what strategies are possible for you.

None of these others are in the same boat, except maybe Shinon with Deadeye, but I’m not convinced that’s on the same level as Far Save (And Deadeye’s on Ullr now too, right? So it doesn’t even have the uniqueness angle going for it?).

Depends on how you look at it, I guess. I’d say Henriette, because there isn’t a substitute for her right now, and I don’t think that’s true for any of the other fodder picks on this list.


Spiral technically doesn’t get your special going faster on its own; that’s what Time’s Pulse does. You still need some outside Pulse help or engage in a combat or two to get Spiral going and special spam (and Guard effects can make that a little more difficult). Spiral also doesn’t work on Galeforce while TP does

Also while Pulse Smoke is very useful it is a bit niche. You can slap in on any units but outside of a few modes you’re not going to get much use out of it. It’s very much all or nothing in that way. It’s incredible in the modes where it’s needed (or for removing precharged specials on GHB maps) but in other cases it’s borderline useless.

TP is useful everywhere

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I know getting your special to trigger initially is required, but once you get rolling, ooof!

Quickened Pulse seal is almost as good as TP for galeforce (TP only advantage is with hit and run style galeforcing).

Shinon is definitely amazing fodder if Igrene scored 100 fodder-wise he’d be at least a 95, but more like 98.


The blue archer from fe3-4 is my fav, even if I’m unable to remember his name. Ronan? Rohan? Ramon?? Whatever, you have a rally+, a stance 4 and a joint drive in the same pack and thanks to Tatiana, I believe Tailtiu and an extra rando for drive speed you can fodder everything easily. Now I’m training him for the HM but someday he will be eaten.


How did Morgan make this poll but not MKris

Tf does she even have


I’m kind of surprised there are so many votes for Henriette

I guess people think Saves being busted makes up for the fact that her fodder only applies to one movement type and one weapon type (aside from DD4 but that’s also on Caineghis)



Time’s Pulse also only applies to one movement type


Maybe the OP likes Dive Bomb or Menaces?

She also has Atk/Def Solo 4 but it’s like one point more then Tier 3