Best use for the free Tomes?

So we just got our hands on free tomes for Shared Skills today, 5 of them per element to be exact. My question is which Shared Skills to unlock with all of these? All I know is that Shadow’s best picks are Veronica, Durant, Patia, and Vice, but not much else…

Keep in mind for recommendations that we have a limit of 5 for F2Ps except on Shadow, since we got a free 6 tomes for that bringing totals to 11.

I haven’t dig deep yet on the tomes, but I would assume it’s best to have:

Affliction Skills ( Poison • Burn • Freeze • Paralysis • Blind • Stun • Curse • Bog • Sleep • Frostbite)*
-That way, if you are running any Punishers on your team, it can help the uptime of the afflictions as well for DPS.

Team Wide Buff Skills
-I suppose this is a given already as well. :)

Other than those, I have not really unlocked anyone for now. Tomes are rather difficult to acquire for me since I rarely do Agito.

Only skill I got so far from the free tomes was Odetta’s Freedom Ring. Hoping to get a flame tome at some point so I can use it on VHildegarde’s Blooming Love.

The rest of the elements…still up in the air.