Best users of Bellringer+?

Back on the last Double Special banner, I got a W!Zephiel. I don’t plan on using him, so I’ve been trying to figure out a crazy build with Bellringer. Any ideas?

Well… who do you have… I gave it to my Soleil and she works pretty well with it… but pretty much any fast Sword unit… (or at least a unit that can double through skill’s) can use it pretty well also


I thought it might be a good excuse to build Rutger. Would he work? (I also have spare damage reduction b slot fodder if that would work)


I meen… he’s fast, and with Damage reduction helps with even more survivability

That sounds like a good candidate then.

It works very well with the Spd damage reduction skills due to the importance of HP :feh_flaynfish:
So any fast Infantry Sword without a great pref really :catdance:


If I were to build him with it it would probably look like this


Oooh I have all the fodder for that

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