Best Users Of Shield Pulse?

I just pulled a second copy of Saber via the 4 Star Special Rate, but I don´t know whether to merge him or fodder him for Shield Pulse. I want to hear what you guys have to say before I do something about it because the two best users of Shield Pulse (Fjorm and Legendary Corrin) come with it and I have no idea who else could make effective use of it.

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There are some fun builds with speedy units like Karla, who can run LnD, Shield pulse, and something like pavise to be deceptively tanky.

Now that DR exists, there isn’t a lot of use for it.


Outside of the units with it in base kit, it’s better on a unit with some form of built in Special Spiral of some kind, but only for gimmick sets like Pavise B!Nailah or Escutcheon Dark Breath Grima


great minds think alike.

Bike with Aegis? His biggest threats are red mages so that’d prevent any sort of significant damage on top of Urvan’s DR.

Duo Lif: Allow us to introduce ourselves.

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Outside Saber and L!Corrin, no one else really uses it that well.

They’re pretty much THE shield pulse units, kinda surprised we haven’t gotten a tier 4 version yet that might make it worth running/testing.

Even then Saber might prefer Special Spiral depending on the build so… eh.


Shield Pulse with built in Mini-Spiral with a small boost to DR would make a good T4 upgrade, but good luck getting a T4 B Skill that’s inheritable


If we’re talking about base kits, Dedue is a great user of Shield Pulse for coming with Pavise.

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It’s still 25% and 20% and 40% reduction. Plus… … Why would you plop Bike in front of him?