Best way to deal with visible buffs in SD?

Lulls are hard use because it’s hard to survive on enemy phase without canto and infantry often want NFU.

Panic is an option but F.Edelgard strats generally aren’t scared of sudden panic and panic ploy seems like more trouble than it’s worth. Plus, I find pulse tie more threatening on most of the units that are most wiling to use sudden panic. A.Fjorm is afraid of losing her mirror; AoEs and lethality get disabled; Reginn and Otr can lose their bite; even some B.Hectors will lose their shields leaving them wide open to pre-charged specials. There’s not much counterplay outside V.Chrom.

Also, null panic is going to become gradually more common.

Feels like there’s not that much effective counterplay at the moment.


panic smoke is your friend.
i run it on my oliver, works supremely well.


I think as always the goal is to just simply out damage your opponent. Surviving/tanking really isn’t a thing in SD other than maybe a single far save per team, so you just need to increase your nuking potential as much as possible to kill or even just trade with enemy units.

Relying on panic is a risky move anyway, thanks to the abundance of unity type abilities and weapons. If you absolutely need to remove buffs, finding space for a lull is the most reliable way.


I don’t think that’s actually something to be concerned about because single instances of unity effects don’t make a unit stronger when panicked, they just make panic do nothing.

I’d rather have it than getting flattened by bonus doubler BS, so I have my Selena with it. Too bad there’s a lot more in the damn mode to counter though.

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valentine Lucina as a save unit can be an option.

worth mentionning her assist skill dance herself, meaning you might not need an actual dancer.

(i wish i had a pulse tie fodder tbh, i used mine on nifl already :/)


Willy Fighter, DD4, CD4, Kanna and VLucina are options to consider. However, they are all EP skills/units, while SD is all about PP.

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If they’re buffed and panic reverses those buffs, doesn’t unity take effect making the unit stronger?

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Yeah, but they’re at the same strength as when they were just buffed and not panicked, hence, I say that it’s like panic doesn’t do anything. It’s not a risk as much as it is just… a nullifier? Lulls do stop working when that happens though… but bonus doubler stops working too, and it’s honestly a bit rarer to see a strat in SD that relies on the opponent debuffing your unit. This isn’t AR with schools, shrines, and Mirabilis and stuff.


It only makes them stronger when you start stacking Unity

The visible debuff doesn’t go away, so you wind up in roughly the same place you started

G-Vader made a thread unintentionally demonstrating this extremely well; even with a Unity weapon, debuffed and Panicked, L-Marth gets slightly less overall stats than from his weapon’s Bonus Doubler unless he runs a Unity A slot as well


Also, Unity affects only two stats, and until now it’s always ATK.

Meaning, it leaves Res(/Def) or SPD vulnerable.

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