Best way to farm Altrium?

So I’m farming for the points in the super dimension. Have a good setup to survive at the end, but I’m only getting about 14k per run. Is this a good amount or no? What setups do you guys have? I’ll show the party I have, and to add to it I usually get a support with a party damage ce at 50-100%.

Fill your team with saber if you can’t do a good 3 turn.
Unfortunately, not much can be done more than thet.
At least we have still a good amount of time to finish

I use Plushie Mistress’s party:

But with some changes, this is my party:

It can 3 turn but only have 100% drop bonus, so around 10K-18K Altrium per run

But i’m fine with that

I am using this team with +150% Altrium bonus so I am getting about 7000 (average drop without bonus) x 2.5 = 17K Altrium per run; which typically takes 13 turns to clear:


Mentioned in another thread but from my observations:

  1. Heroine Z seems to prefer attacking Saber-face so Merlin & Mecha-Eli chan are pretty safe as long as either SAlter or Lily is alive.
  2. The dragon in the second wave deals AOE damage so he pretty much clears out the front line to bring Merlin and Mecha-Eli in for 3rd wave.
  3. Hero Creationed Eli-chan deals 550K damage; a Buster-brave chain pretty much kills Z.

With this, I am pretty confident that I won’t need apples to clear the 2M taking the remaining dailies 7-13 into account. (No apples so far, currently at 560K.)

+150% with 3-turn. I think any facecards in turn 3 will do enough damage from the 3 servants to finish off MHX after that NP.

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So the average here is around 15=20k, right? Bit of a grind, but I’m sure we’ve all handled worse. Thanks for the heads up, now I know how to plan ahead.

Gotta say this about Mysterious Heroine Z, though; she REALLY hates my Musashi for some reason. Every run without fail, she’ll launch three attacks on her with crits and knock her out completely. I can still clear her, but what did Musashi ever do to her?

This just comes down to AP efficiency (e.g. running as many Sabers as you can while still clearing the quest consistently, no matter how many turns it takes) vs time efficiency (clear quickly by running a ST Caster/Alter Ego to deal with MHZ and support Casters to speed up the lear further if needed). Up to you whicver you prefer - personally I prefer AP efficiency so I can save apples, but if you have little time to play, the time effiency method may be preferrable to you.

what if you’re in quarantine and you need scales

Gamepress states a drop rate of 19%, which comes down to around 210 AP/drop - this is a bit worse than the best free quest (170 AP/drop), but not by much. I guess it depends on how many scales you need, but usually I think of any gold mat drops as a bonus and don’t try to target farm for them, rates being as terrible as they are and event shops and rewards overall being a sufficient source of them if you’re a little patient (which isn’t true for silver and especially bronze mats - no way around farming for those, but their drop rates aren’t nearly as bad either).

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If you gave me 100 scales I could use them all right now.

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MHX enemies are always hardcoded to go for SEIBAAAAs. Like with Saberfaces and Lancelot.

Edit: Or Orion and males.

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In that case, runnign with a little less Sabers to increase your run count per time spent might be worth it to you? Since you’re not as concerned as most us about conserving apples (seeing how you munch SQ packs on lotteries…), I don’t think it’s the worst idea if you need scales badly since you can combine scale farm at decent rates with clearing the ladder that way. Keep in mind that we have substantial amounts of points left to get from dailies though, so don’t go ham on the farm for now, else you’ll be wasting AP when you overshoot the point ladder.

@Sizzle Great to see you’re back!

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Yeah I still have 1,000 tubes left to clear the shop. (Got a CE drop tho, so that’s nice.) Haven’t even touched the point node yet.

Yeah, that’s what I thought about too when I remembered who I was fighting. Long night drinking.

Still prefer my old theory that she’s aiming for the oppai.

Ah cheers.

Incidentally, APD loses all meaning when you have around 400+ apples worth of AP

@jakeyb We’ll have some scale nodes for Journey to the West rerun, but afaik their rates are eh.


Yeah. I mostly just want them for Hokusai (need 15 more), Seiba (need 30), Stheno so I can charmlock (need 16), and to have 24 for Sieg in reserve when he drops.

Sigurd, Vlad, Malter, Gawain, Melt, and everyone else can wait.

IMHO, I suggest you farm them during the Apoc raids. Siegfried ought to drop them from him raid. Got a good Archer to farm him?

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I have plenty of those :slight_smile:

Euryale + double Waver + Tamamo for the ST fights.

And probably Gil/Tesla or maybe Kitty for the AoE.

oh right, silly me.



We’ll need another love arrow bullying collection

Actually we can f2p farm with her

Euryale20 + Santera10 + SupportWaver50 + Shakespeare20

Should be plenty of damage for Sumanai/Vlad/Spartacus.

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