Best way to play fgo jp?

I’m looking into getting into fgo jp and I did some research and found out about a translation app, and using an apk version, but my question is: are the above methods safe? I read that fgo-apkpure is sketchy due to one of the malicious adwares they had in the past, but it seems like that was on the app and not the website. But regardless, is taptap better or apk-P? Does anyone use the translate-fgo download ad if yes, is it good enough to bother with it? I know I would need and emulator, and I already have nox for that, but I would probably need to make a separate account for it…


I don’t translate it; I just run it on an emulator. Even if you can’t read much or any Japanese, familiarity with the NA app will let you know where most things are.

I can’t read well enough to follow much of the story, but I’m also not pushing ahead of where we are on NA. I use the account to preview upcoming Servants and QoL features.

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I don’t use the translator app, but afaik its compatibility is only tied to device version and not emulator.

In regards to the best way to play and update it, I’ve recently switched over to using a VPN which allows you to update the game directly (and save yourself the trouble of potential problems of using apks in the future such as a few of apkpure’s recent updates causing problems unrelated to adware) and as such would recommend that method as it’s easy to set up.

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The only translations that will be any good are human translations of the main story chapters.

Machine translations for events are extremely jank because there’s too much nuance/interpretation for a machine to convey.
Some of the guys on Beast’s Lair write chapter summaries for events. It is not the same experience as actually understanding what you’re reading.

Ultimately if you don’t read Japanese this is largely a time sink for little reward bar getting to try out future Servants/gameplay updates.

I use Apkpure for FGO Global and it hasn’t sold me off to a Ugandan warlord yet so I can only assume it won’t for FGO JP either


The translation app is safe, has for the translation itself it will take everything that has already been translated on na and inject it into jp and for anything that’s not translated on na will either be human translated (rarely) like lostbelt 6, traum and last year new servants Valentine lines or machine translation that’s either readable or nonsensical. For update I used to use apkpure but now I’m able to use play store to download updates :fgo_serenityay:

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For play store updates you need to use a VPN to download or update fgo jp once then you’ll be able to access updates for it whenever they’re available


I don’t have a translator either, as for apkpure the biggest issue I’ve had is that I originally ran the app on a 32 bit version of BlueStacks that refused to update (happened twice to me). So if you didn’t have the transfer code or the code just didn’t work you were pretty much screwed. The new file would only install on a 64 bit version of bluestacks.


I went the route @Skitts mentioned and just used a VPN and used my psn jp email and went that route.

Side note:
It seems like this is going to be a very #Blessed account.


My only warning for you is to try your best to avoid the jp curse :fgo_sadtomoe:


What is that?

Edit: Jp becomes the best servant account?


JP stealing all your na luck :fgo_bbgrin:


Currently suffering from this

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I just found out about the free 5* and remembered people mentioning there being a free and permanent 5* for you to get. I didn’t realize this was it. But I digress. I know the usual de facto answer is always “waver”, but I’m thinking about something different due to me not having and serious damage dealers besides Zenobia, Valkyrie, and Liz. I also have Xu Fu and Lu Bu (heh) but everyone besides Zeno is np 1 and not even leveled. I can always use my free special ascension, but I’m thinking about saving that for whatever special servant comes with LB7 or whatever banner is around.

Edit: add Nina dober—the dragon-rider catgirl.
And Np2 Valk

But, I’m currently looking at:
1: Waver
2: Xiang Yu
3: Cu-Alter

When in doubt go for the unkillable cockroach

The answer is still Waver. Just borrow DPS until you roll one. Or go roll Morgan now (and still pick Waver).

Did I mention pick Waver enough times?

Even if you get Oberon in LB6 campaign, still pick Waver now.

You obviously pick Waver, unless you have a very specific reason not to. Xiang Yu doesn’t loop, and you shouldn’t need Cuzilla as LMS when you can Follow a JP mega-whale for part 1.

All right then, I went ahead and went for waver. Kinda wanted Xiang yu, but I have no native skadi or 50% charger, not even mentioning lack of k-scope or any charge ce. So waver looks to be the most logical pick.

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Sorry if this is a dumb question but does that mean you don’t need to turn on a VPN to update the app each time from the Play store after making a JP Google account?

If you’re using a VPN then you don’t even need a jp Google account and the only reason you need the VPN is to download or update the game once so that you can get access to later updates after that you can uninstall the VPN if you want