Best wyrmprint combination for Odetta?


With craftable wyrmprints right around the corner I want to figure out what the first thing I’m going to craft is and who better than my favorite character. Currently I’m using Jewels of the Sun 1UB and Fresh Perspective 0UB. I’ve seen that The Shining Overlord is her best wyrmprint so what is the best to pair with that and if it isn’t her best which 2 are the best synergistic ones to use? Thanks for any replies.


Heralds of Hinamoto + Jewels of the Sun make a good skill haste + damage up duo.

The shining overlord + Jewels of the sun will give you maxed out skill damage, strength up, and some skill haste, and dragon claws as extras.

One of those two combos is what I’d recommend as solid dps options for Odetta. The first would help to get her sp1 and sp2 charged faster for more defense down on the boss and aoe attack up and heals for your close by party.


The Shining Overlord with Jewels of the Sun sounds good, think I will try that out. Thanks!

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