Better one-off, Zeke or Palla?

Hi all - I’m a relatively casual player, but I picked up a -SPD Nott on the recent banner and am now at the point of sparking. I’m having a hard time deciding who would be better as a one-off for casual play, Zeke or Palla. Or should I get another Nott for fodder/fixing the bane? I’m not too worried about score tiers or anything like that.

Palla --> canto + adaptive damage brave weapon seems pretty unique. I imagine her best build involves Vantage in the B slot, but then does that just make her a Gen 5 Altina?

Zeke --> chock-full of good fodder and seems like a strong unit on his own. Among lance cavs, I don’t have a Duessel or Ingrid, but I do have a +10 Conrad (showing his age right now) and a Perceval.

Nott --> She seems to be plenty fast enough to activate her DR even with -SPD. I’d prefer a new unit that I don’t have, I think, but maybe this is the way to go.


  • Zeke
  • Palla
  • Nott

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They’re all good units. Zeke is probably not as great as some other lance cavs unless you heavily invest into him

Palla is a good DPS but she’ll also fade with powercreep. We all thought Y!Caeda was gonna be it when she dropped, and now…you never see her.

Nótt is hard to go wrong with. You can even use two on your defense team if you don’t have any other Dark mythics. Plus she boosts defense, so she’s a good countermeasure to Mila


If you already have Nott and aren’t merging up anyone, I would go for Zeke just for the fodder.


Since you don’t care about reward tiers RDF4 is useless (And in many ways Palla is just Worse W!Altina), and Nott is unnecessary, so I guess that leaves Zeke getting my vote.


I’d nod my head to Zeke.

Movement/DC weapon/forced doubles/amazing bulk/Nice Atk stat/full kit to reinforce his bulk and damage…yeah I’d take Zeke.


It mostly depends on your needs

How much trouble do you have with Valentia Limited Hero Battles and Resonance Battles? Valentia has a relatively small selection of units, so if you don’t have say, Brave Celica (that girl kicks ass in RB) I can see some merit in both for RB

Zeke has the best fodder, but it is a little specific, especially his Catch. Palla is an interesting unit, but I find W-Altina to be overall stronger. A second Nótt is only useful for AR purposes or for fixing her flaw if you’re concerned about that.


Lmfao. Palla is a duel phased brave with a high atk stat. Can abuse lucina. Can ez vantage or gf. Has a built in canto.

Yeah. Shell fade to creep… In 2-3 years and even then she will be potient.

Ignore altina

Zeke is butt. Hes ur average thicc blue horse. But he has dc and fallowups built in. Hes old man Dussel 2.0 . But yeah. Butt. If ur tanking shit ur better off with a shitty far save armor of your choice.

Notts a mythic.


I voted Nott because I think two of her on defense is more than twice as annoying as one of her. Combo her with some ranged cavs or something and you’ll get some defense wins for sure.


We all thought Y!Caeda was gonna be it when she dropped, and now…you never see her.

Have to disagree with the example you provided in the sense that I disagree with its characterization. There were definitely people on GP who knew Y!Caeda wasn’t going to have high atk anyways by calcs from the trailer (and thus justifying the effective dmg from her Prf). Never mind not seeing her now; even when she was released, she wasn’t that common. Maybe I’m misremembering, but as I recall, people quickly realized that mage nukes still dealt with her. L!Chrom was already released. And Hardy Bearing tactics were already commonplace.


Oh, and so to answer your question, I guess it depends on your definition of “casual.” I find it interesting people are recommending Nott. Because if you’re not try-harding AR, it’s not like she’s necessary strictly speaking (and you already have a copy of her).

If you’re going for fodder, go for Zeke or another Nott depending on your needs. If you want another unit for use, go for Palla.

I voted for Palla because I think she’s actually a brave weapon user that is likely to age pretty well. 42 base atk is the 3rd highest in the game (GP lists it at 6th - I’m not including ties), and the highest of all brave weapon users. So it’ll take a while for power creep to catch up as @supersoren pointed out. While I get the comparisons to Altina - both mythic and winter - they all have different roles imo. Not to mention, the adaptive damage (targeting the lower of Res and Def) is a pretty large differentiator and will also make her more relevant for a while. Sure, mystic boost is a counter, but it’s rarely seen as a B slot, there’s only 1 seal available, and it’s very rare in Prfs. The few units that have extremely high balanced bulk (~40 Def/Res) have extremely poor speed, such that Palla can either outspeed them, or at least won’t be outsped by them. Oh, and Canto is always going to be a great utility effect to have.

Zeke’s issue is just that his Prf is relatively lackluster and is going to be countered by an NFU meta made even more common by B!Hector and F!Edelgard.

Lastly, if you ever change your mind and decide to take arena seriously, RDF4 is going to be great boon. I suspect Palla is going to be the only unit for a long time to have it when you consider how rare RDF3 was before.


We thought she was gonna be broken with all the effectiveness n her weapon


PRF B skill before flyers had anything for that slot

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We thought she was gonna be broken with all the effectiveness n her weapon

We - you and I - certainly did not agree she’d be broken. I can show you the posts on Reddit and Gamepress that I and others put out there before she even came out because AGAIN, people did calcs and knew her attack would be low - thus justifying her effective damage because she needed it to be viable.


In itself is not broken. Vantage sweepers existed long before Y!Caeda. The non-base vantage effect doesn’t kick in against mage threats, which were and still are running rampant. Colored bows existed and people already wanted L!Chrom not as a Y!Caeda counter, but simply because he was good. And again, because vantage sweepers already existed, people already ran Hardy Bearing.

PRF B skill before flyers had anything for that slot

Not sure why you’re bringing this up. Does/did it help with her gameplay? Yes. But hardly anyone was saying she was busted because of the Prf B.

I just repeated myself but at any rate, you missed the point of my comment. It’s a poor situational comparison between Palla and Y!Caeda because Y!Caeda was already dead on arrival. Just look at the post history on GP. Sure, a lot of people were caught up with the Prf weapon based on the trailer, but people quickly realized how much counterplay Y!Caeda had. You say she’s rare now, but that’s always been the case. Power creep didn’t make her irrelevant because she already was to begin with.

Palla isn’t going to be like that. Even if she didn’t have the adaptive damage, 42 base attack is the highest of all brave weapons, already making her decent. The fact that she does just makes her even more resilient to power creep.


I don’t get the poll result to be honest. Seems like people didn’t actually read. :feh_bylethsmirk:
Another Nott might be good if you want to rank highly in AR but otherwise not necessary.

Between Zeke and Palla I would say that Palla is the better and more unique unit. Her canto and adaptive damage definitely give her a niche and I wouldn’t say she’s a worse Winter Altina.

Zeke is also decent because of premium fodder and a fantastic weapon. But at the end of the day he is just another lance cav and powercreep will hit him way harder than Palla IMO.


Perhaps this will help you decide! All she needs is DC or Distant Foil. She doesn’t even need Iote’s Shield except maybe against Leg Chrom or something.


I’m all for Palla.

While Zeke is fantastic, he and Duessel are basically side-grades, so you have two Lance cavs with bulk that operate similarly. Duessel is technically better statistically thanks to the -6 Atk/Def debuff in combat, but Zeke has A-skill flexibility for effects like Guard on Stance 4, or Unity for debuff inversion. It’s up to preference.

But Palla? Dual phase Brave with adaptive damage and canto is incredibly unique, and incredibly potent. Adaptive damage really is tremendous, and the DC/Vantage classic is made that much more threatening by it. Personally I think she’s very worth it compared to the other options.

Unless you want to be evil and run Double Nott in AR-D.