Bianca or Anniversary May?

Currently posting on the current hour of the beginning (which might be a bit too early to ask, but I’ll do it anyway), and I checked out Anniversary May’s kit. I’m currently using a team with Sygna Lusamine, Sygna Blue, and Bianca. Is it worth swapping Bianca for May?

Bianca can do a lot of damage with Stored Power… but May just seems to do her job even better. I’m just assuming though. So I’d like some input!

Anni May is super strong as a Damage dealer because of Psychic Freebee

I got her in the first single and immediately used her over Bianca on my Giovanni Nuke team

But the problem that stands is that Bianca is more readily available as a general pool unit which Anni May is a Pokéfair alternative

Neither is truly better than the other

May requires less Set-Up but Bianca is easier to get

It all comes down to preference if you have both

We likely have a gamebreaking Master Fair releasing later in the month. Bianca does the job fine enough for now.

We do actually

Sygna Suit Serena and Zygarde 50% and Zygarde 100%

An AoE Dragon special strike who’ll do insane damage especially on Dragon Zone

Probably not as good as Sygna Suit Lusamine though