Billy Perfection Truly Achieved! Also Question

I have finally gotten all the 4 Star Fous needed to get Billy his extra 2000 to both stats! Along with all his skills being made 10 and his bond AND level 100 I have truly achieved perfection!.. Except I still need his CE level 100 and the 3 more copies of it but all in all I am pretty close! But my question was about when is the banner coming that has Conversation on the Hot Sands as well as when is Edmond Dantes coming back? I know I should get Skadi with him and Billy but I mainly want him.


For the CE, never? As far as I can tell the 2019 Chaldea Boys Collection banner was the only time to get it. Edgelord comes around during this summer’s event (he gets the summer costume then too). You can find out when the next banner is for a servant on their GamePress page under “Future Banners.”

I think Dantes next rate up is the new summer event with jaltzerker welfare.

And I don’t see any indication that last year’s cbc CE’s will be available this year, which is unfortunate. I was hoping to get an Outrage since I’ve never scored a poster girl and picked hot sands last year. More unfortunate none of the cbc CE’s look particularly useful this year, so I’ll probably pick purely based on art with the exchange ticket.

Well now my heart is broken, is there anything similar to Hot Sands? I ask because he’s i know I can just focus on crib but I don’t have reliable star gen so I like to have weight.

For this year’s Chaldea Boys Collection, you could pick up Star of Camelot. Seal Designation Enforcer is actually the best pure star weight CE and it’s only 4 star so you might have a copy already.

You can search CEs by effect on GamePress by the way:

Poster Girl comes around again a few more times at least.

I know but I need something similar I guess though only Hot Sands has it…damn why they get rid of it? Such a good Craft Essence and I don’t even try to abuse it I just want it for my Billy.

Did you miss my suggestions? The crit strength on Hot Sands is nice but Billy has great crit buffs in his kit. Star weight up is available on several CEs, one being Star of Camelot from this years CBC which also provides passive star generation which also helps with your star generation problem. Seal Designation Enforcer is the best pure star weight CE and it is even a suggested one on Billy’s page on GP.

Oh I know and that is a good idea I’m not saying it isn’t and I still may get them so if anything my Billy has options of what kind of Star Weight will help I just feel a bit heart broken if you get me about it because I feel Hot Sands is legit the best because yes others have Star weight also but that one gave star weight AND crit which was just DELICIOUS lol. But I get why the others are good I just felt I don’t need pure star weight since I don’t have gather on any other servants except him so that he always gets it. And yeah some passive gen is good and I know I don’t have too much star gen but I try to run one Fragment of 2020 for it.

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