Billy the Kid's interlude

Billy the Kid is one of the servants I leveled up from Gilfest lottery items as he was a lower priority for me previously. I thought his character was pretty cool in E Pluribus Unum and his other appearances so at least he was on my list to raise. I just did and finished his interlude, and I must say, that was cool! I don’t want to give away any spoilers but it’s definitely worth taking the time to read the lines. There are quite a few stages (7 I think) so you’ll need to save up some AP and apples if you want to do it in one go.

Someone on my Friend’s list has a lvl 90 Billy that I’ve used a few times so glad to see someone giving Billy some love!


Yeah, his interlude is one of my favorite servant interludes in the game since it also gives various other servants a chance to shine and interact.


Dude really does have one of the best interludes and yeah it eats apples to do it lol but its worth it. Well written and I like the choice of characters.
He needs more appreciation .