Birth of a Holy Knight, Death of Your AR-O :feh_sigurdeyes:

It hasn’t felt like this has been a 7 month process but here we are :fgo_ishtaridgaf:

I’m honestly so thankful for how good his banners have been to me. Every single time, I’ve been rolling in five stars for very few orbs. I got him to +5 in a little less than 400 the first time. I got him to +8 the next with around 200 and got my last two copies in about 250 this time as well. This banner was beyond good to me and I’ve walked away with so much

The About 250 Orb Haul:

The Vika is here from a ticket summon when I bought that pack

It makes me so happy to see one of my favorite characters in Fire Emblem get such a broken legendary and amazing art, despite being from a Japan-only game. I hope one day a Jugdral character will finally win CYL, so I can +10 them too. Sigurd’s an amazing character who went through so much hardship, loss, tragedy, and betrayal but was able to overcome it all, only to be tricked and framed in the end.

The two most heartbreaking moments in Sigurd’s journey for me is (1) when he first finds out that his father is being framed and (2) when he finds out that Ethlyn and Quan have been killed. This is a beyond devastating moment for him since he had just reunited with his father on the brink of death, after his father had just been betrayed for the sake of politics. He was still recovering over the disappearance of Deirdre and the death of one of his best friends (Eldigan), only to lose two more people who are so dear to him.

This moment really stuck with me because Sigurd seemed to have everything together beforehand. Before this chapter, he wasn’t at war with his friend, he was with the love of his life and their young son, and it seemed that the conflict was coming to an end. In Chapter 3 right after the death of Eldigan, the disappearance of Deirdre, and finding out that his father is being framed is when we first see Sigurd truly breakdown

  • Sigurd: What in blazes is this?! I’m a traitor now, and a Grannvale legion now waits at our doorstep to arrest me?!

  • Oifey: Sire, and to think, the war here was over at long last, and you were about to go and search for Deirdre.

  • Sigurd: Gah… How could His Majesty have fallen for Reptor’s lies? How could he possibly believe that my father, of all people, would kill Prince Kurth?! Aah… If only Father Claud had gotten back to the capital before they struck… Why?! Why is this happening?! I fought a pointless war, I let Eldigan die, and now this! What have I been fighting for all along?!

I feel like here is the second instance that we begin to see Sigurd truly break down. Beforehand, he was certainly phased by all of the tragedy in his life, but this was different. When his father dies, he swears to get vengeance

Sigurd: Why… Why in the world did he have to… Gah… Reptor! Lombard! Mark my words! You will pay dearly for all you’ve done!

When Deirdre first goes missing, he doesn’t give up. He swears to find her:

Sigurd: Shannan, this isn’t your fault. Don’t worry about it. We’ll find her. No matter what it takes, I’ll find her.

When he laments on Deirdre’s continued disappearance to the Queen of Silesse, he refuses to give up.

  • Sigurd: Deirdre… My wife’s still gone, yes… It’s been over a year since she vanished. She’s missed an entire year of watching Seliph grow up.
  • Lahna: I’m so sorry, Lord Sigurd, but cheer up. I know you’ll reunite someday.
  • Sigurd: You’re right. I feel it, too. I can’t give in to sorrow just yet. I can’t give up on finding her.

We don’t see that with Quan and Ethlyn’s death, there’s no hope in his words or rage to avenge them. He’s in shock and just screams out their names, before saying “no” and asking for forgiveness, as if it was his fault.

Thanks to everyone for reading this post and good luck to anybody who’s trying to +10 another, or the same, target on this banner


I’m so happy you were able to finish him :feh_faedance:


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Congrats Soulja


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Congrats Soulja! Good to see your luck with getting your target was better than mine lol.


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there’s no staying away

him and his entire team are coming for you

congrats btw, I know this was a long time coming
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Every time I look at L.Sigurd the more I like Arvis. And I see he was smart when planning a barbecue.

But congratulations and I wish good luck whoever faces your defense. lol.


I don’t think you understand how L!Sigurd works :feh_rein:


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I was also really happy to get Dagr tho too because I’ve been trying since her debut and now I have 2 :feh_dagrsmile:


Reading this post with the music playing makes it hit different

And congrats Souljia! I’m happy for you but I hope I never run into him lmao