Birthday Summoning: Which banner to go for?

Friday is my birthday and I plan to do a summoning video. I currently have 21 orbs and I plan to purchase one of the Soiree Reinhardt packs and the Legendary Julia pack. Before applying any other orbs, that would bring me up to 214 orbs. I wanted to wait to see what the Mythic Banner had before making a decision. Here are the banners I’m currently considering and why:

In The Moment - I’m planning to make Ninja Lyn into one of my merge projects (she is my top FE character and FE waifu, after all) and she’s currently at +1 with +Res. I’m not expecting to even get to +5 with my current number of orbs, but I would like to get another merge or two before her banner ends. Although, depending on another choice I might summon a day or two before the banner ends anyway when my entertainment budget resets.

Double Special Heroes - I already got my main target that I was absolutely expecting to appear on this, Anniversary Palla, but they surprised me with Bride Fjorm. Fjorm has avoided me since her debut and I don’t have a single unit that can inflict Isolation on other units (Legendary Chrom only inflicts it on himself). On the Mythic Banner last year and her rerun earlier this year, she refused to show up because Duma wouldn’t leave me alone in the former case. Like with In The Moment, I do have a chance after my budget resets.

Heroes with Spurn/Repel - I’m thinking of replacing my +10 Itsuki with Larcei in my Arena core because he’s just not cutting it anymore. I already got her to +6 from her debut banner and its revival back in September. I would like to get her to +10 as soon as possible (not worried about IVs because she’s already +Spd). I know she’s color-sharing with Male Kris, but I don’t have him and I could fodder off his Spurn and Joint Drive Atk to my other units like Say’ri, OG Lyn, Ayra, etc. However, this banner ends before my budget resets.

Mythic Banner - Both of the new Mythics are green. Triandra is my favorite of the fairies design-wise and would be nice to have on defense for Dark season. Freyja looks really strong with that built-in DR (which beasts and cavs normally can’t access) and I still have only Eir and Peony as my Light Mythics. While I already use Brave Ike in my Light offense team, even he struggles quite a bit. Even if I get dupes of Hel, she has DC and Guard Bearing to fodder. Colorless would be my second choice so I could maybe get a better Legendary Corrin and I don’t have the absolutely broken Shinon (used the spark on Jill). If there aren’t any colorless or green orbs, I will summon on red since I don’t have Legendary Eliwood. Like the In The Moment and DSH banners, I can summon on this after my budget resets.

To summarize my targets for each banner:

In The Moment - Ninja Lyn merges (1 or 2)
Double Special Heroes - Bride Fjorm
Heroes w/ Spurn/Repel - Larcei (4 copies, main priority), Male Kris
Mythic Banner - Triandra (main priority), Freyja (main priority), Shinon (medium priority), Legendary Eliwood (low priority)

  • In The Moment
  • Double Special Heroes
  • Heroes w/ Spurn/Repel
  • Mythic Banner

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Green color is insane on the mythic banner TBH.
Even if you don’t like Hel she still has Guard Bearing + Distant Counter, so, not a bad fodder :feh_myrrhthink:

And since you want both Freyja and Triandra, you might not have another opportunity to summon both at the same time :feh_genny_mug:


Good point. So Mythic will be the top priority. If birthday luck kicks in and I get both of them with enough orbs to spare, which banner do you recommend I go for after that?

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Just a bias opinion (don’t take this seriously),but definitely pull on the Larcei banner…I mean the spurn banner :smirk:

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If B-Day luck happens go Double Special Heroes