Birthday summons for V!Robin and V!Lucina :feh_ilovelucy:

I went in with 1823 orbs, so these are some awesome results. I finished V!Robin (my main goal) after around 800 orbs, but after training V!Lucina and realising how strong they are together, I decided to get more merges for her as well. Duo Chrom is a nice bonus, he feels like current gen D!Ephraim. I’m still debating wether to spend my last 150 orbs on the valentine banner or on this months mythic banner so I can spark Distant Ward.

Here are all the units I got

11x V!Robin
8x V!Lucina
3x D!Chrom
2x M!Byleth (guess what happened to them)
2x Zelgius
2x Dedue
2x A!Laegjarn
1x Yuri (He’s +7 now)
1x Wolf
1x Eleonora
1x Say’ri
1x Gerik
1x M!Kris
1x Jill
1x Nagi
1x Innes
1x B!Veronica
1x Sue
1x Leanne
1x Lewyn
1x Karel

Quite a long list I suppose. The 4 star special rate was pretty crazy this time :feh_roysmile:

Next arena season is gonna be fun! Happy valentine everyone :feh_ilovelucy: :feh_sothishug: :feh_annettehug: :catlove: I hope you have some lovely summons as well.


Putting the question of where you got so much aside, very nice :feh_robinsmirk:

Happy birthday fella. Seems like it’s a good one.


Happy birthday! Ladyluck has spoiled you well. Hope we never meet in arena lol


+10 after 800 orbs wtf is this birthday luck manipulation :feh_mariannegun:

Congrats for the stunning luck :feh_faewow:. And happy birthday again, I’m sure this was a great birthday gift lol :fgo_ereshwoah:


Happy birbday. That Lucina gives me nightmares but that’s how you know it’s working :sunglasses:


Looks like you had better bday luck than I did


Are you broke now or do still hsve a few orbs?

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I still have some orbs, but I’m considering saving some for sparkable distant stance which will be on the legendary/mythic banner this month :feh_faepanic:


You will need 155 if your doing full circles I wish you luck man.