Bit of a last minute choice

After seeing Cecilia’s refine, I’ve been a teeny bit tempted to spark summon for Julian to give her close foil and lull atk/spd.

I was just wondering if that’s a good idea, and that Julian’s banner is disappearing very soon. I’m just a bit unsure if I want to build this a little TOO much on a whim, as I’m not particularly attached to Cecilia myself.

  • Spark summon Julian for fodder
  • Stay strong and keep saving

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I mean it’s not like she necessarily needs Close Foil, and I’m not sure if Lull Spd is the best B skill for her anyway (she’s got 30 base speed at +10/+5 with a resistance boon).

I wouldn’t do it. Doesn’t seem worth it.


That’s a fair point to make. I suppose she does have flexible build options.

I’ve actually been running his foddered skillset to her all day, so I have some input on this.

Close Foil is definitely her best A-skill, as far as I’m concerned. The added physical bulk seriously helps a ton, and the added damage output has been the difference between OHKOing some enemies and needing another round. That said, there are alternatives, in Distant Defense 4 for a better ranged check, Stance skills, or even Push skills depending on what you want.

Lull Attack/Speed is just bad on her, though. The Lull Attack part is nice for supplementing bulk, but it’s had yet to really stand out. Her speed is really just too low, even with the superboon, to make use of Lull Speed. Even with Darting Stance seal, speed superboon, max merges and dragonflowers, that’s only 40 speed on enemy phase. It’s a bit too much work for too little reward. If you want a Lull, Attack/Res is definitely better. But frankly, if you’re running Close Foil, you just want QR somewhere.

So really, unless you have extra orbs, I…can’t say it’s worth it. There’s too many good banners coming out this month, especially with CYL, and she has other options.

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