Black Firday update

I know we still have another 22 days before black friday.
Im just making a post to have a collective discussion over what the banner/update would look like, what units, if the banner is a step up, like it was last year.
What do you guys think?
Personally, i think its pretty obvious that they’re going to add Super Saiyan Rose’ to the banner since they added pretty much every character before him in chronological order, covering every arc before it. I think the banner will feature Super saiyan rose’ with maybe an angry SSB goku (from when goku black/zamasu told him he killed chi chi and goten) If they’re feeling generous they could add in fused zamasu and future trunks but i think they might save that for another step up or UST. As for extremes, honestly I have no idea what they will do for extremes. They might not do any new extremes and add in another sparking like SSB Vegeta.

It would be really cool if they hit us with SSB Vegito shortly following the rerun of Vegito RED rising battle and recent banners featuring super Vegito PUR. Just my opinion

Super Saiyan Rosé Goku Black, Maybe Goku and Vegeta SSB from the Goku Black Arc or even a Super Saiyan Rage Trunks who knows. As for extremes… Hmmm, I think they would add something really random just like the previous banners, but I would love to see a really good extreme for Future as this team really need some love now.

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@YoungJ3sus @TheBlackRose Those are good ideas, honestly, crazy idea but they could pull it off. They could add a 2in1 unit like dokkan does it . Add like a trunks and mai unit something like that.

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I think for a game like Legends that you can change characters and stuff, I wouldn’t see something like that coming to it, but we are talking about a gacha game so anything can happen lol.

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SSR and Rage trunks would be a hell of a pair to release. That would also leave room for them to release fused Zamasu and SSB Vegito under another banner. A cool EX character, I think, would be a new Whis. Just because haha

I would go for a EX Gowasu to be honest lol.


I hope for the step up that Rose is LF, that would mean that we get our first Villain that has a LF, and maybe could lead to dual LF characters, but im not getting my hopes up on that. Just the fact that we could get Rose is good enough for me.

image image GokuBlackDance

Well since its confirmed that rose is coming we can only speculate what the other characters would be on the banner

So like, last year, they dropped 3 new sparkings… If they follow that, then I think they would drop a rage trunks (Not the Sword of Hope one, but when he first transformed) and maybe a new Zamasu? I don’t know, they can literally do anything at this point.

Okay so I already have a pretty good god ki team, minus SSB Kaioken goku, so if i were to get either units it would make my team very, very good. Also I noticed something about this banner compared to the last LF Banner. The last time we got a LF unit, the SSJ3 banner, we were blessed with Green SSJ 3 goku and Red Majinn Buu, And this banner with LF Green SSB Vegeta and a Red Goku Black Rose. I mean it makes sense, the only green god ki units we have are EX zamasu and the very very outdated Beerus that should really only be used for support and shouldnt really see the front lines. ALSO while SSG goku and whis are by no means bad units, whis is actually a pretty good unit, one of the best extremes in the game when it comes to stats, and SSG goku has a irreplaceable health z ability. SSG goku shouldnt really be used in the core anymore, and whis usually can be pretty frail when only pulled like once or twice, and Rose being a sparking will have a better chance of being pulled than an extreme unit like whis.

Also these units are really good. I dont know if they will be like meta changing but i like these units.
Goku Black abilities:

Super Saiyan Blue Abilities