Black Friday banner

So with the Black Friday banner coming up, I only have about 50 cc. I can grind up really quickly, and have beaten all of the regular story so far, so I have 2 questions.

  1. How many cc should I grind for? I’m thinking about 5k cc
  2. What’s the best method of grinding for me?
    And judging from what Dragon says, I should do at least one rotation if it is a step up, right? So thats about 6.2k cc at the very least. Expectantly, I also think I should aim for about 1.5-2 rotations, so 9.3-12.4 cc is honestly what I think. That’s very reasonable for me, as I can play for about 3 hours per day till then, with a ratio of about 500 cc per hour. 3 x that (until friday) would net me 4.5k cc, so is that good enough?

Also how on earth do i trade in those 40,000,000 coins

As much as you can would be the ideal answer. Honestly, on the first anniversary banner I pulled LF Super Vegito to 4 stars, and 3 star SSB Goku, 4 star Golden Frieza in a single rotation. On this year’s anniversary I spent almost 15k and only got Vegito Blue to 2 star, another 10k in the Champa banner, and still no second copy of Vegito. So yeah, I would say luck is really the most deciding factor in the summons. LOL

Well I seem to have luck on my side so far
On my super master pack daily discount summon i pulled the yellow transforming Vegito xD

That’s great news. You can make Fusion warriors now. You can send me your Fusion warrior characters list screenshot if you want help. It’s a top tier team.

Wait for two days. We can collect them now but their ship will arrive on Black Friday. I am hoping there are really good goodies to exchange them for.

If you spend money on the game (which I don’t recommend), don’t spend now. Super sale goes live on hype events like Anniversary, New year and Black Friday. You can spend then.

I am F2P and I have a great account. Spending money on a mobile game is not a great decision, but if you really love the game and units, spending during sale is better than spending randomly lol.