Black Grail Farming

I just got my first black grail after 2.5 years while rolling for kiara. and tested it out with my NP2 Summer Melt and I get around 165k with Arctic at lvl 5, is that much damage enough for 90+/90 nodes or is it going to fall short sometimes?

I’d really like to not have to use the plug tamamo with a BG :fgo_fujigloom:


If your not clearing 200k minimum on wave 3 itll be hit and miss on 90 nodes

How much damage is needed for W2? And isn’t 200k min for 90 nodes a bit too high or did you mean 90+?

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Has flashbacks to the year 2 or 3 400k Salter node

Lets just say it pays to be a bit too high sometimes

Youll probably be fine where you are for most things though. Yes.

Oh and for wave 2 100k ish


a real classic, that node


the christmas 3 (santera) main lotto farming node, no less. no event damage ce, just having to straight up do over 400k in the era of the game where waver was the only large scale charge support, and merlin and tamamo were the only color buffing options. even now I don’t think there’s great options of dealing with this level of damage requirement while remaining efficient.

the best joke might have been that the rerun, post-skadi, almost halved her health pool.


One day you want to try plug Oberon with BG though :grin:


DKSO Ishtar/Gilgamesh/Tesla. Godjuna and Morgan would work too, especially as Morgan has Man traitmod+Koyan’s 100 Man pmod and bullies round table specifically.

Jarcher in DCS unfortunately lacks punch and would need BG.

Dude even my NP1 Gilgamesh struggled here T.T

Once Oberon comes to NA you will do funny damage numbers with the top tier archers (Gil, Tesla, Ishtar). If you use Jarcher at NP2 with BG using plug suit Oberon you still hit 400k+ damage with a level 5 decisive battle MC.

On to your initial question though, in a scenario where 3 turn actually matters (ie lotto), on 90+ nodes wave 2 has 140-160k hp mobs, while wave 3 has 170-210k ho mobs. If the HP is very high you should get bonus damage one way or another. So if you do 160k you might fall short on some nodes.

For 90 nodes though wave 2 has a tank mob with 70k-110k HP, while wave 3 has between 120-140k HP, so you are good on that front.