Black Knight Build Help

Hello!! I’m back again with questions about my Black knight build. I want to run him as support for Reinhardt (aka the Green killer), but imm struggling on what to do with him. He’s gonna be my next grail project after Legion, and I want him to be good as a proper Reinhardt bodyguard.

On this team is also a PA!Azura that runs TA, WoM, Drive Res/Drive Def, Hardin with Warding Breath, Bold Fighter, Armor March and Brazen Atk/Res, and ofc Reinhardt who has DB4, Lance Breaker, Res Smoke and Heavy Blade with Luna.

Any thoughts?

Black Knight… SUPPORT?!
You basically sinned right there.


I mean, I have no other team to put him on! He and Hardin are the ONLY armors I like enough to use - why not have him be the wall to sit between reinhardt and angry green things?